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Interview With the New Champ: Part 2 by Graham Holmberg - CrossFit Journal

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August 11, 2010

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Shortly after a golden bumper plate was hung around his neck, an exhausted Graham Holmberg walked off the floor of the Home Depot Center and back to reality. His torn-up hands grasped a check for 25,000 big ones, his body surely ached, and it was time to rest ... until the crew from Again Faster snatched him up for another interview.

After their first attempt was disrupted by noise from equipment tear-down, they found a quieter spot to dissect the finer points of the Games with the 2010 champ.

Video by Again Faster.

Part 2: 11min 34sec

Additional reading: Fittest on Earth by Mike Warkentin, published July 28, 2010.

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23 Comments on “Interview With the New Champ: Part 2”


wrote …

The fittest man on earth seems like a really nice guy, very humble and centered. I'm glad he won.


wrote …

Awesome Graham!


wrote …

Graham comes across as a class! What a representative of crossfit and I love the part about catching a red-eye home so his clients didn't miss a wod. Unreal!


wrote …

*class act*


wrote …

And he eats whatever he wants! No zone, no paleo.

I know people are going to question his performance and say "wow if only he was on the zone."


wrote …

Still so proud of you!


wrote …

What an awesome witness for Christ. You and Spealler and Rich Froning and I'm sure a ton of the other guys and gals too are inspirational in the way that you use CrossFit as a podium to serve the Lord. Congratulations man and good luck luck this upcoming year with training and running your gym.


replied to comment from Adam Blaney

I totally agree man. I absolutely love how these guys say on camera that they pray before WOD's and recite scripture while to get themselves through WOD's. I'm so glad God blessed Graham with a victory this year and I'm extra glad that Graham recognizes Christs role in the gifts he's been given and that he's not lazy just burying his talent in the field. Graham definitely seems like a 10 talent guy (that goes without saying that Chris and Rich both are too).
Thanks for being so honest and inspiring Graham. Hopefully I'll meet you at the games one day, and if not I'm sure we'll crack out WOD's in the kingdom together ;).


wrote …

I was trying to say too much at once... and my grammar is baaad.


wrote …

Lots of reasons to like this video.

1. A witness for God as others have said.
2. Giving props to chiropractors (I am in chiropractic school)
3. Pizza and ice cream are my 2 favorite foods


wrote …

Giving props to JC! Graham your stock just shot up a little higher in my book!


wrote …

just wondering: do you think buddhists are bad at sports?


wrote …

It's not really a ringing endorsement for strict paleo/zone leading to elite performance when the Games winner is so unconcerned about diet. This does nothing to challenge the Sickness-Wellness-Fitness continuum concept but does stir the pot on the debate over the Games being an ultimate test of Fitness or a great competition using moves that Crossfit advocates.


Ned Ferguson wrote …

When you do as much work as Graham does extra carbs are not going to hurt. You need the energy burst and carbs are needed for protein synthesis. That's not normative for the rest of us.


replied to comment from Adam Blaney

History is filled with records of those with a great faith that are moved to accomplish great feats. To Jesus be the glory for these athletes.


wrote …

Awesome performance Graham! Thanks for sharing your faith brother.


wrote …

You lost me at 'Jesus.' Save it for church, that's why it's there.


wrote …

Thanks for the shout-out Graham, but you did the work and you earned the title. We know good people when we see them, and we just wanted to see you have every opportunity to have the best chance possible to succeed. Like I said to you before, loads of people helped both of us along the way and it is just our way of paying it forward! Now you just need to help us continue to shave time off our Fran and we will all be happy :)


wrote …

Congrats Graham! You worked hard and earned it! It's great to see a fellow Christian being strong in his faith! God Bless!


wrote …

Thanks everyone for the support, it is much appreciated!

All the training, series of events leading me towards CrossFit, and support along the way has been amazing.

I now hope to represent the CrossFit community to my fullest as well as those who helped me achieve this dream. Thanks again and God Bless!


replied to comment from Geoff Aucoin

I could not agree more... Turned it off at that point.


wrote …

Wow. He mentions his faith and people are turned off by it? That was about 45 to 90 seconds of a 12 minute interview. It's not like he was telling us that we should follow in his's the only way. Congrats Graham. Way to keep it real and staying true to who you are.


wrote …

Graham, That video was great! Thanks for the inspiration. God Bless.

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