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Interview With the New Champ: Part 1 by Graham Holmberg - CrossFit Journal

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August 09, 2010

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Shortly after a golden bumper plate was hung around his neck, an exhausted Graham Holmberg walked off the floor of the Home Depot Center and back to reality. His torn-up hands grasped a check for 25,000 big ones, his body surely ached, and it was time to rest ... until the crew from Again Faster snatched him up for another interview.

After their first attempt was disrupted by noise from equipment tear-down, they found a quieter spot to dissect the finer points of the Games with the 2010 champ.

Video by Again Faster.

Part 1: 6min 43sec

Additional reading: 2010 CrossFit Games: The Men of the 2010 CrossFit Games, published Aug. 3, 2010.

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8 Comments on “Interview With the New Champ: Part 1”


Rob McBee wrote …

Incredible job Graham! Congrats to the fittest.


wrote …

Graham, you set the bar high! Congrats!


wrote …

The file name and post title name are conflicting on the part #


wrote …

G.holmberg for president!!!!


Austin @Unlimited wrote … did awesome over that whole weekend. A well deserved victory! Way to bring the champ back to the USA


wrote …

I talked with Graham for quite a while this past weekend at my level one cert and he is one mellow dude....but when I timed him on a WOD (185lbs push-press 5ea and 10 burpees x 5 rounds) he is all business....that boy can move on burpees!...hes a great guy and no issues with questions we had....

Oh?...his time on that WOD?....



wrote …

great job graham! 2010 champ!


wrote …

Graham is one class act dude.

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