Great Intro. Now What?

By Monique Ames

In Affiliation

August 27, 2010

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Following up after a free intro session is critical to building a relationship with potential clients. Monique Ames explains how to do it.

During a great intro, you have shown the prospective member exactly what you’ve got and also where they stand in the grand scheme of CrossFit in your gym. Whether they join or not, there are things you should do to continue building the relationship you just started.

Remember: just because they didn’t join today doesn’t mean they will never join. Even if they go to another local CrossFit gym instead, they still may show up at your door sometime down the road. Disclaimer: I am not saying you should target other CrossFit gyms’ members. That is wrong.

Sample situation: a person comes in and says she will be checking out a couple of gyms and gives you her e-mail address because she is interested in your newsletter. She decides to join the other CrossFit gym. Just ask her if she would like to be removed from the newsletter and special-event list. Most of the time, she will say she still wants your newsletter. So keep her there. I’ve had a fair share stay connected via reading our newsletters and then decide to join at a later date. Again, I am not targeting them, just staying in touch at their request. I think that is fair. What goes around comes around, so keep your business and actions clean!



6 Comments on “Great Intro. Now What?”


wrote …

Thank you Monique.
I am in the early stages of affiliation and am compiling documentation and procedures for new members.
By absolute coincidence i was thinking about emailing you yesterday on ideas for an on-ramp program. I had previously found the waiver and intro articles invaluable and had been fleshing out my own ideas for on-ramp WODS. Perfect timing for this article. Very professional and thorough.


Gerard Mcauliffe wrote …

Thanks for the advice Monique, it's great to see some affiliate owners still willing to help other affiliates and give advice without charging for it.
It restores my faith in CrossFit!


Monique Ames wrote …

Glad you enjoy the articles and I hope they help you build your respective affiliates. And there is nothing wrong with charging for your time, we charge clients for our time in the gym and so it's reasonable for other affiliates to charge their clients (which is other affiliates) for their time :)

CrossFit was built on the model of give it away for free (the info), and then charge for their time to coach & instruct it. I am following that same model. Besides, right now, I don't have the time nor desire to pursue "teaching business", but maybe down the road... if people want it :)

Thanks for the kind words!!


wrote …

Hi Monique. Great article and thanks for providing various forms, I find the the forms some of the hardest things to find/design. I have a question about posting your pricing online. I have read in the forums arguments for and against posting your prices on your website. I noticed on your website that you do not post your prices and I really like what you put there, but I also feel like sometimes not posting your prices can look like you are hiding something. I was wondering how effective you have found it to give out your prices this way?


Monique Ames wrote …

Since I consider our gym membership successful, I feel that our method is very effective. I don't list the monthly prices, but I do list the Foundations prices: privates, on-ramp, etc. If they can't afford that, they can't afford my monthly rates either.

My opinion is: if you are expensive (compared to other CF gyms) then don't list it, you'll want to be able to prove it to prospective clients; if you are priced less than others, list it, since it is a selling point. My price is NOT a selling point. But for some, it will be.

If someone calls or walks-in and asks for the price. I tell them right off the bat. I don't believe in working that hard to "sell" my awesome product and don't like to waste anyone's time, especially mine! I then tell them we are the most expensive and explain why. Then it's up to them. My gym is not for everyone and I do not want everyone, to be honest. Unless they are totally flaky, I always collect their name, number & email :)


wrote …

Monique, do you still have the templates, this is an old article so they may be removed. If you do any chance I could get them from you?

Hope you see this, Thanks!

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