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Chatting with Lindsey Smith by Lindsey Smith - CrossFit Journal

Chatting with Lindsey Smith

By Lindsey Smith

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August 12, 2010

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Lindsey Smith is one of an elite group of ladies (think Kepler, Cardella, Sharratt) training out of CrossFit Central in Austin, Texas. In her former athletic life, Smith was a scholarship soccer player for DePaul University, and her focus on athletics at a younger age laid the groundwork for her success in the CrossFit Games.

Since finishing fifth in the 2009 Games, Smith has continued to improve her fitness, and heading into the 2010 Games against a very stacked deck of competitors, she was confident and composed.

We happened to catch up with Smith on Saturday of Games weekend for this interview.

9min 31sec

Additional reading: Lindsey Smith’s Training.

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4 Comments on “Chatting with Lindsey Smith”


wrote …

As a Texan, I was chuckling at her description of the heat here. Our box watched the games together and they kept talking about the heat in CA. Most of us just kind of looked at each other and shrugged when they were reading the temperatures.


Web Smith wrote …

I am really proud of Lindsey. She really does have it all together. This CrossFit Games was different than the last. Last year, she had to decompress for a while and we sort of relaxed on CrossFit for a month or so. Not this year. I swear, it seems like Kristan Clever, Annie T, Rebecca Voight and crew all live in this house. I hear their times/accomplishments after each main site WOD (or their @CrossFitJournal interviews) EVERY DAY, without fail. I look forward to seeing all of them compete again next year. This early friendly competition is priming the 2011 CrossFit games for quite the showdown. I am already excited for it.


wrote …

Sounds like Lindsey has a good balanced life! Very proud of her. I will share this clip with my daughters.


wrote …

Linsey you seem like a very level headed young lady....great interview.

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