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August 25, 2010

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After the 2010 CrossFit Games, Mikko Salo took a day off—but only one.

The 2009 champion finished fifth on Sunday at the Home Depot Center, and by Tuesday he was back in the gym for two workouts. The Finn just isn’t satisfied with his performance and has dedicated himself to getting back to the top of the podium in 2011. That climb has already started.

At CrossFit Santa Cruz for a few workouts shortly after the Games, Salo talks about what his training will look like in the coming year. At the top of the list is skill work including double-unders and rope climbs, both of which slowed the Finn down in Carson.

For anyone thinking about competing in the CrossFit Games next year, if you haven’t started training, you’re already behind Salo.

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26 Comments on “The Morning After: Part 1”


wrote …

I have no doubts Miko will be back. The raw power and unbelievable work capacity just need that fine tuning to put him on the next level. Think about it, letting that engine run without having to hold back because of the skills. Yikes.


wrote …

With greater skill aptitude Mikko may have been in closer competition to the top, but remember Froning had some skill issues as well and if any of the weights had been lowered by just ~%5, Spealler gets a one stick in two more workouts. I hope Mikko continues to compete, same as spealler, for as long as he can improve his athletic performance because I see at least two more years of him becoming a better athlete and possibly three.


wrote …

No doubt the man is a beast, I was shocked there were any holes in his game at all; doubles and rope climbs are pretty standard fare in CrossFit. One thing he needs to watch is overtraining, you can't go hard forever and taking time away (more than one day) is just as important as the training.


wrote …

Mikko is a monster.

@ chris, I do not know how much more they could have done to give Spealler a chance. It seems like the games were set up for him.


wrote …

Mikko, you are an amazing CrossFitter and I love watching you compete. I wish you all the best with your training and I'm already excited to see you at the Games in 2011.


wrote …

Amazing CrossFit'er not only for your athletic ability and strength, but for your genuine humility - truly an inspiration for us all.

Train hard,



wrote …

Mikko is humble, yet so determined to take back the top spot. You could see the conviction in his eyes.

I wish Mikko and the other top CFers well for '11.


wrote …

....Am i wrong in saying that Mikko is the only athlete to place in the top 5, two years in a row...?

Im not sure about the placings for 07-08 games, but at least for the last two years, i dont think anyone else has done
what he has done, placing so high, consitantly, despite all the different challenges. Truly amazing.

Heartening for an ameture athlete like myself...Mikko, i idolise your mental capacity.
All the best in 2011 !!!


wrote …

@Matthew Summers
just a little info on some peoples past games placings..

in 07 josh everett took 3rd and was 2nd in '08

Khalipa 1st in '08 and 5th in '09

Jeremy Thiel 6th in '07 and 3rd in '08

Tanya wagner 2nd in '08 and 1st in '09

jolie gentry 1st in '07, 5th in '08 and 7th '09

Kris Clever 4th in '09 and 1st in '10

I'm sure there are other notable dual top 10 finishers across the 4 games but can't be bothered going searching for top 10!


wrote …

looks like Mikko wants to be back on that podium BAAD :)
also looks like he is more than a little mad at himself for not placing higher. he knows he had the capacity, just those pesky skills did him in this year. i have no doubt he will be back up on that podium next year.


wrote …



wrote …

and stuff like that...

classic Mikko Salo


wrote …

@Corey Wright

--1st event 135lb squat snatch

--3rd MAX overhead

--4th 315lb deadlifts for 7 reps(multiple rounds)

--6th 205lb cleans

Tell us again how the games were set up or Spealler??


wrote …

Love Mikko's ability and humility and desperately hope he is back next year. Is it just me though, or are his eyes a bit more sunken and shadowed this year. It does not look healthy to me.


wrote …

You're an amazing athlete Mikko and a huge inspiration to me and many others. Make sure you train smart this year and you will be back better than ever for the 2011 games.


Ronald Fielder wrote …

Good luck Mikko. I was cheering for you this year. 5th place is a great finish. You are going to do amazing next year.


wrote …

mark my words...Mikko will win next year. There is not overtraining when you have people putting together workouts like he does. Pain is weakness leaving the body. You think he is overtraining- check out this is a workout for beasts, and what we should all strive for. This is my workout to prepare me for buds, along with long swims and runs


wrote …

Great job this year Mikko!!!!
My wife and I are going to the games next year just to see if Mikko can get to the top again. There is no doubt in my mind that Mikko will be better next year now that he have some targets.


wrote …

AWESOME! Miko you are one great competitor i like watching.
can't wait for next year!!!


wrote …

I still go on record that Miko is the fittest and was beat by the warm environment.

MIKO YOU NEED TO TRAIN FOR THE HEAT. Turn the heat up and get used to pushing through the heat exhaustion.

Look at the winners all from warm climates. My second biggest complaint is the competition needs to mix up contests in the Heat and Out in order to be Constantly varied. My biggest complaint is that they never tested short burst explosive power. They should have one event with a deadlift, 40 meter sprint, vertical jump, weighted pullup and triple jump or long jump in order to crown the fittest man.


replied to comment from Corey Wright

You need to check the weights used versus speallers body weight if you think the games were set up for him to win. The need to increase the use of skills was obvious of which spealler is by far the most proficient, if anything the games were set up to even out the playing field for everyone else to give them a chance.


replied to comment from Tim Carr

Didn't see this, but exactly.


wrote …

Yes we know he can power clean...try getting some footage of him working on double unders or something else he is weak at...


Dominic Munnelly wrote …

I could watch Mikko train all day and not a minute would go by that I would't be glued to how he moves, behaves and eats. The guy is a total inspiration and would love to see a video where he says in his best arnie voice "I'LL BE BACK!!"


wrote …

That guy does sets of 5 with my max

Anyway, maybe in a few years Miko can start having lots of kids- his genes should be passed on, don't you think?


wrote …

It just seemed to me there was a ton of lighter weight and bodyweight exercises.

It just looked like a good games for him to win, the last day especially.

Nothng against Spealler, he is amazing athlete.

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