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Training with the Pitmaster: WOD Implementation by John Hackleman - CrossFit Journal

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August 02, 2010

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You’ve already seen our introduction to John Hackleman and his crew at The Pit, a hybrid CrossFit and MMA gym. Now it’s time to take a look at how Hackleman and his trainees implement workouts designed for fighters with CrossFit style protocol.

One-hundred-pound wall-balls, anyone?

13min 37sec

Additional reading: Scoring Martial Arts Workouts for Intensity by John Hackleman, with Greg Amundson and Shain Howard, published Dec. 3, 2009.

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15 Comments on “Training with the Pitmaster: WOD Implementation”


wrote …

Some good workouts there. Great work.


wrote …

Ah Haaa! Juniors old backpack is going to work! Another great video!


wrote …

John Hackleman is an amazing athlete, motivator and friend of the CrossFit community. He truly embodies the "Lead by Example" approach to developing his athletes. Some of the hardest, most intense and inspiring workouts I have ever completed were under the watchful eye of the "PIT Master" at the PIT compound. Besides Coach Greg Glassman, John Hackleman is the only other person I respectfully refer to as "My Coach". John was the first contributor to the CrossFit Combatives program and has continued to develop a great CrossFit affiliate with world class professional fighters, an awesome kids program and a wonderful family of PIT-Monsters.


wrote …

Just ordered some stuff from The Pit, can't wait to start incorporating some CROSSPIT a couple times a week. Great stuff!!.


wrote …

If you don't think thats functional just wait till someone tries to take your lunch money. LOL HAHAHA!!! That was awesome!!!


Zach Even - Esh wrote …

Hells Yea!! Awesome work!! Many years ago (2004 or so) I sent John a DVD of mine with sandbag workouts, truck pushing, tire flips, log training, sledge hammer work, etc....

We spoke on the phone briefly and he said he didn't see much use for that type of training... He said they had one sandbag in the gym all tapes in silver duct tape, called it the silver bullet and they only sometimes used it.

Very cool to see things changed, I wonder if he remembers the phone conversation.



wrote …

Ha Ha Eat the Frog!!! That's shit is funny, and very un-french..
Is it just me or does John Hackleman look like Pat Sherwoods uncle, or older brother...
Man, i just wanna be in this guys world.. and of course in that fantastic enviroment..
Thanks for great Pit-videos, keep 'em coming,


wrote …

I dare somebody to take this guy's lunch money!


Brad Cogburn wrote …

I went ot the PIT web site, it is bad ass, I wish there was a PIT in Colorado.


wrote …

Nice. The only thing missing is a pet bear to wrestle with.


wrote …

Is he wearing a BodyBugg on his left arm?


wrote …


I am pretty sure it's a bodybugg. I know Chuck Liddell wears one a lot, also.


wrote …

That's interesting. I used to work for 24 Hour Fitness and they are pretty ridiculous. Not to bust on Hackleman for wearing one, but it seems like its not going to be pretty accurate for his uses. I guess if he wants an approximation to compare to future workouts it can be used for that. But it essentially monitors two things (skin temperature and arm swings) and then uses your body weight to assert how many calories you burned while you were wearing the arm band. Exercising outside tends to change your skin temperature more rapidly and more frequently. Also, the arm swings are used to compute how many steps you're taking, but clearly when he's pushing the wheel barrow his arms don't move, despite him doing a lot of work. Like I said, I used to sell them, but I always did so with the caveat that the accuracy of the device is limited.


Ronald Fielder wrote …

Fun videos. Some great ideas. Might need to back the weight off a bit but I like it. Thanks.


wrote …

One of my favorite journal videos- thanks!

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