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August 12, 2010

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In his continuing survey of elite trainers and their post-workout nutrition strategies, Pat Sherwood interviews jet-setting coaches E.C. Synkowski, Chuck Carswell and Adrian Bozman in San Diego, Calif.

These top-level trainers are just like the rest of the work-a-day CrossFitters who flood the boards and Journal: they’re busy, and rarely is their time allotted perfectly to support post-WOD nutrition, so they do what they can. Regardless of their schedule, their performances speak volumes, so what they’re doing must be working.

11min 35sec

Additional reading: Rowing a Sub-7 2k—Without Rowing? by EvaClaire (E.C.) Synkowski, published March 30, 2009.

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12 Comments on “The Zone Chronicles: Post-Workout Nutrition Part 2”


Rob McBee wrote …


Zone Chronicles are one of the things I particularly look forward to in the CFJ. Its always interesting to learn what people eat. Chuck has inspired my to dust off the food scale. I know my eyeball method is skewed high on the protein and definitely the fat...almond butter is the new ice cream. I've never had as optimal body comps. and performance numbers than when I consistently Zone'd.

Thanks again for the ZC series and looking forward to the Nutrition cert.


Crossfit Camas


wrote …

I want E.C. with me at all times, that girl has to be the happiest person in the world.


wrote …

I love it!

E.C. You are amazing and your laugh is infectious! always come with nothing but...STRAIGHT TALK!
Chuck...don't forget your CAT Card and you forgot to mention your consumption of Powerade.
Pat.....some things never change.

You guys are funny!

Love you all!! Nice work!


wrote …

Cool vid. What I really want to know is from Chuck - simple question: How many blocks / day?


wrote …

If there is any way we can get Boz fired from the HQ team that'd be great (never get to work with this guy...."eh")


wrote …


Love the series and look forward to each new video. Its pretty cool to see how varied everyone actually is and can still see great results.....


wrote …

thanx pat, the more micro details the better! . i,ll watch and listen to anything on nutrition !!!


Nick Launius wrote …

Love all things nutrition!!! So there are new nutrition seminars/certs available or did I miss something? There is no tab for nutrition on the specialty certs page....


wrote …

My comment from yesterday must have been caught in the filter.

Miranda- yes, 2 powerades per day was the requirement while in AFG. CAT Card and LOA are always with me.

Geoff- 18 blocks per day with 3x Fat. It plays out as three 5 block meals with a 3 block snack as needed. Normally, the 3 block snack goes down before a late lunch or as an early evening snack prior to dinner.

I do the best I can and today was a good day.


wrote …

Thanks very much for the reply Chuck ;)


wrote …

"glass of red wine and a piece of dark chocolate. that's me being good"

hilarious! I feel the same way.

I feel like the consensus from a lot of the post-workout talk is protein/carb shakes post-workout are beneficial but the relative benefit toward improving performance is tiny compared to working out hard and eating well. Put another way, if you are trying to achieve 100% excellence, you might say:

50% comes from your WOD
45% comes from your daily diet, and
5% comes from post-workout nutrition

That being said, I feel like post-workout nutrition is really more important for the top athletes who are trying to optimize their performance in every way. For everyone else not at that level, we'd do better paying attention (and investing our money in) to what we eat as well as how hard we work out because these are the areas where we are most likely to see improvement.


wrote …

I'm with Bozman. I don't know for sure, but I almost always eat my dinner on the way to teach my karate class after the WOD, and if not I just have a snack. I rarely have sore muscles. I am not a top crossfitter, but I do train hard (planning to go to qualifying for masters). My naturopath suggested that clean diet (well fairly clean) and post workout nutrition were causing this benefit.

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