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By Rob Orlando

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August 06, 2010

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CrossFit Games competitor and strongman and Rob Orlando is known for his amazing feats of strength and his impressive work capacity. His performance in the 2009 Games as well as WOD demos on CrossFit.com inspire many CrossFitters to keep pushing hard to be strong, powerful and superbly conditioned.

Orlando’s outspoken nature led the Again Faster crew to mic up the man from Connecticut during the time leading up to the first workout of the 2010 CrossFit Games, a sprint couplet of muscle-ups and snatches. Follow Orlando as he interacts with other Games competitors, fans and onlookers in this video.

Video by Again Faster.

16min 52sec

Additional reading: Men’s Epic Matchup 2: Speal and Orlando.

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16 Comments on “On the Mic with Rob”


wrote …

Hey Khalipa, quit stalking Rob Orlando


wrote …

Rob Orlando is the man.
'nuff said


wrote …

Love the premonitions in there. Talking about doing ring handstand pushups, going max overhead in X number of seconds, and Graham Holmberg saying it could be his day out there. Cool vid.


wrote …

"36 hrs of nothing under his belt " at least i can beat orlando in something !!!


wrote …

Khalipa= funniest guy in all of crossfit.


wrote …

Rob's such a humble guy he's got it in the next 2 years.


wrote …

Honestly one of the most nicest guys at crossfit, very humble person really enjoyed being around and watching him @ the games.


wrote …

You know, I have to say... Watching all the Orlando videos leading up to the games, I actually had made a totally different impression of the guy in my mind. I think my impression was way off.

That was fascinating to wacth, Rob seems like a totally down to eartth and super nice guy. He seems very humble to be there. Ego seems very in check. Thanks for sharing this...

And well, Khalipa is great too... Somebody bring Jason some food next year!!!


wrote …

I've met them both at the powerlifting certs and they are definitely good guys (and strong!).

Rob's statement about the rest got me thinking. I wonder if it would be better for competitors to take a bit more time off prior to the Games. In other words, maybe give the body 3-5 days of total rest prior to competing? CrossFit is an intense form of training that really taxes the body, a bit of extra rest might provide the overreach rebound effect and allow for a superior performance?


replied to comment from Chris Mason

I have not competed before in Crossfit, but I am sure that I would have the same opinion as others on this. If I was training all year for an event that took place over the course of 3-4 days, I would go nuts with anxiety of not doing anything for 3-5 days before the event. Most of these guys and girls own and operate their own gyms. So for those 3-5 days they are going to be at the gym, or traveling to the event, playing out in their mind what is in store for them. I would have to do a WOD for sure just to keep me from going crazy. That could be just me, but I doubt it. They could some type of active rest (ie his run and row). He didn't say that he killed himself, just that he did a run and row. That would be a very good workout just to keep you moving. Just get a nice pace and keep it. No disrespect intended but that is my 2 cents.


wrote …

Awesome video by the way. I think it is really cool to see them all just hanging out and warming up. Love the atmosphere where everyone is is competeing against each other, but still willing to offer help and assistance where needed. I didn't hear one negative comment from any of them about other competitors. All just there to do the best they can, and hope that that is good enough to beat the next guy.


wrote …

haha ...disappointed for khalipa this year at the games...but him and rob are awesome haha


wrote …

I was in Stamford, CT on Sunday and i decided to stop by Hybrid just to check out the box i have seen on he www for so long. I just want to say it was a first class box. I was greeted by the trainer, who let me watch the WOD, hang out and pick his brain. It was a welcoming environment and a place I would workout at in a heartbeat. Hats off to Rob and the Hybrid staff, keep it up!


wrote …

Rob Orlando is soooo super chill. Anybody that has a chance should meet and greet. He is approachable, engaging, and FUN to hang out with! NOOOOO pretentiousness.


wrote …

Rob O is a 100% class act.


wrote …

Interesting video. Khalipa craftily using the Wimpy mind trick to take Orlando's food: "I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today." And it worked!

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