Behind the Games: Part 2

By Sevan Matossian

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August 08, 2010

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You’ve already seen Part 1 of Sevan Matossian’s Behind the Games where he showed you the action taking place that didn’t make it to the live feed.

This second installation sweeps through the second day of competition as the athletes start to separate themselves in the rankings. As the sheer volume of workouts increase throughout the weekend, so does fatigue in both the competitors and staff alike.

Part 2: 46min 9sec

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Additional reading: Final Results: Individual Competition.

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23 Comments on “Behind the Games: Part 2”


Rob McBee wrote …

I love this look behind the scenes. Interesting, illuminating, and a perfect compliment to the live event. Great work Sevan.


wrote …

The music is unbelievable...I could watch these videos all nite long. Great work!!


wrote …

Good to finally find out why mikko stormed off after the sandbag event


wrote …

Really like watching these videos. One question: why so much focus on Heather?


wrote …

Love this behind the scenes stuff. I call it my Crossfit Porn addiction!


wrote …

Lol. Love the camera movement up Heather's leg. Still don't know what that tape does to you though.


wrote …

Loved the vids even more then the actual competition. Wish Sevan would produce a DVD like the 2008 games


Study's have shown it does nothing [been informed by a 'good' physio], a lot can be said for the placebo effect though.


wrote …

I'm amazed at the functionality of these athletes (although I shouldn't be). Several of them never doing pistols before this competition and then to be able to acquire the skill and knock them out in a WOD of this sort is outstanding!

Awesome vids of the behind the scenes, love it!!


wrote …

Sevan, do you have a crush on Heather?


Stephen Hubbard wrote …

@James Who DOESN'T have a crush on Heather?


wrote …

I'm addicted to these videos.


wrote …

Love your work Sevan! Really fun to see all this behind the scenes,,stuff".


wrote …

I love it. I hope there are a few more coming.


wrote …

AWESOME Videos!!! @ #4.Kyle) "Why soo much Heather"?? - WHY NOT !!:)
This really brings home the Heart and Soul of the:
Sport of Fitness/CrossFit and the bond of the community!!


wrote …

Don't trust a word Khalipa says, haha


wrote …

@ Stephen.

Agreed. Heather, you are the new Nicole ;)


wrote …

just figured out Spealler's secret -- it's his shoes!!

I had a paiir of adidas Rod Laver's in my closet that I had not worn for over 2 years, but after seeing Speal in them, I had to give them a shot. I threw them on for the Adam Brown WOD, and I killed it!

Move over Chucks, Mr. Rod Laver is here to stay!


wrote …

So why did Heather want to "bitch slap" you? Lol


wrote …

Hey Jesus,

Heather was talking about her experiences IN the 2009 CrossFit Games and I said, "You were in the 2009 Games ?"

In which she replied with the bitch slap comment.

Most of the athletes threaten me with physical violence. Totally normal.


wrote …

It may be time for a Heather vs Miranda debate


replied to comment from John Cooper

John--I would say because there were A LOT of great and interesting competitors at the games, not just one (or three). Hopefully we'll see a broader cross-section as more videos are released.


wrote …

awesome, awesome, awesome!! i love your film making......

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