Spirit of the Games: Part 2

By Chris Spealler

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August 24, 2010

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Chris Spealler is an HQ trainer, affiliate owner and CrossFit legend. After competing in all four CrossFit Games, Speal finally jumped on the podium with a third-place finish in 2010. At the awards ceremony, the dynamic athlete from Utah was given the Spirit of the Games Award for embodying the true character of CrossFit.

Back in his gym, CrossFit Park City, Speal reflects on this year’s event, including the final workouts of the weekend.

13min 28sec

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16 Comments on “Spirit of the Games: Part 2”


wrote …

Inspiring Spealler... My 10 month old son watched the vid with me. Funny thing is you both have the same haircut!


wrote …

Chris Spealler earns that title tenfold, what an inspiring guy.


wrote …

Dang...hope he wins it next year.


wrote …

The man.


Incredible guy well deserving of the award and our respect. At our garage affiliate every performance is compared to spealler, you the man chris!


wrote …

Great to see speal get the Spirit of the games award.
reminds me of "David vs Goliath".
Awesome guy, Big Heart, Great Ambassador to CrossFit.


wrote …

Chris was the head Proctor at my Level 1 Cert....awesome guy


wrote …

I know everyone says this, but when I grow up, I want to be Chris Spealler.


Ronald Fielder wrote …

Outstanding, Speal - Great job! Good luck next year.


wrote …

Thanks Chris for everything, really appreciate the constant reminder that I can always improve to a better person, not just a CrossFit Coach, but as human being in general.
Your character is one to look up to, calm and honest.
Looking foward into meeting you in person in the future certs.

Thanks again.


wrote …



wrote …

When is Rogue making a Speal tshirt?


wrote …

What an incredible athlete! Can someone explain the Spirit of CrossFit award and how the person is chosen? Seems to me that any one of those athletes, male or female, could easily be the "spirit of crossfit."


wrote …

Chris you are an awesome athlete and I appreciate your spirit of humility. You always handle winning well and that is the mark of a true champion. Thank you for politeness and clean talk on every video. I can always let my kids watch you and tell them to imitate this guy's life. A strong athlete and a man of character.


wrote …



wrote …

Does anyone know where to find this song to purchase/download online?

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