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August 31, 2010

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Competing at the upcoming CrossFit/USAW Open in Colorado Springs? You could really use a guy like Mike Burgener in your corner. Luckily, Coach B is here to tell you all about what to expect when you walk through the doors at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort for the first hybrid competition of its kind.

Take notes, CrossFitter.

In this two-part interview with Coach B at his home gym in California, he goes through the ins and outs of what the CrossFit-USAW event will look like from the warm-up area to the weightlifting platform itself. How will you know when your clean and jerk is complete? What can you wear while lifting? How much time do you have to successfully make a lift?

All answers to follow.

Part 1: 11min 29sec
Part 2: 8min 48sec

Additional reading: Road Trip: Colorado Springs for the CF/USAW Open.

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Part 1:
Part 2:


2 Comments on “What To Expect: CrossFit-USAW Open”


wrote …

More motivating info from the best source... Thanks Coach. See you there.


Frank DiMeo wrote …

Thanks Coach B!
Very clear & "to the point" information

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