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Why’d You Miss? by Jeff Barnett - CrossFit Journal

Why’d You Miss?

By Jeff Barnett

In Olympic Lifts, Powerlifting

August 23, 2010

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Maybe you weren’t strong enough to make the lift, or maybe something else went wrong. Jeff Barnett offers a non-exhaustive list of reasons why the iron didn’t move.

A missed lift is a wonderful opportunity. It’s an opportunity to test your limits, to build character through willingness to fail, and to examine what went wrong.

Many proficient coaches have said that you should plan your lifts carefully such that you never miss. Perhaps their theory is correct when dealing with professional lifters. However, I am a relative novice, and I am in the business of training novices. I generally think that if you haven’t failed, then you haven’t pushed yourself far enough. There are exceptions, of course, but missing a lift is generally a natural, expected and productive part of strength training. I can’t fathom how you’ll ever surpass your limits if you never actually know them.

Fully training at your limits, however, is necessarily difficult. You’ve undoubtedly stared at the pile of bar and bumpers on the floor and wondered why you couldn’t nail that load when everything indicated you should. Perhaps these 10 ideas will help you find the reason and correct it to ensure success on your next attempt.

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4 Comments on “Why’d You Miss?”


wrote …

In the first part of the article you talk about progressively loading up to reach your 1rm without big jumps in weight. It turns out there is a physiological reason why this strategy works and it was talked about recently by Christian Thibaudeau in T-Muscle. Check it out if anyone is interested.


Jeff Barnett wrote …

Thanks for the link, Chad. It's always nice to see my seat of the pants observations are grounded in science. :)


wrote …

Enjoyed the article, Jeff.


wrote …

Loved the intensity Jeff - get to Madison from time to time, hope I can find you there and make a handshake happen. Paul

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