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Amazing Grace: You Can Fight Cancer by Zianna Munoz - CrossFit Journal

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September 27, 2010

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When breast cancer struck her best friend at only age 26, Zionna Munoz realized many women cannot afford to get regular mammograms. She saw an opportunity to help these women through the supportive CrossFit community.

Munoz began Barbells for Boobs to organize the Amazing Grace fundraiser. Proceeds are donated to Mammograms in Action, a non-profit breast-cancer organization of which Munoz is founder and president. What started as an idea has grown into a nationwide movement.

During the month of October, CrossFit gyms around the country can join the movement to host Amazing Grace at their box. Find out more about this life-saving fundraiser and how you and your box can get involved.

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Additional reading: Barbells for Boobs.

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8 Comments on “Amazing Grace: You Can Fight Cancer”


Matt Charney wrote …

Awesome Z. Keep up the good work. I'll be there in spirit for the CrossFit 714 event. I'm registering but I will be at the Mobility Cert that day.


wrote …

Great video. Question, does anyone know if you have to be a member at an affiliate to register?


wrote …

This is an amazing thing you are doing! I mope an affiliate near me has an event so i can come join!

What affiliate is that in the video?


wrote …

Moving Vid and the first I Have ever commented on. the lady who spoke was so passionate that I was impressed. WOD "Grace" is one of my frequent flyers in barbell and Kettlebell formats. since I am on a 100 rep program this month, (don't ask) my WODs are 100 reps,therefore "Grace" this month will be a 100 reps with Kettlebells first (32kgx2 from the floor) and rubber plated barbells.It will not be a fun thing and nor is cancer.


wrote …

Z you are an amazing. Beautiful. Phenomenal woman!


wrote …

Brian u do not have to be a member of an affiliate to sign up. Just go to and sign up to be apart of this amazing workout/fundraiser. I can't wait for oct. 22 when our box CrossFit Roseburg goes all out on this WOD.


wrote …

Thanks David, I workout in the high school weightroom that is slowly becoming crossfit compatible and I will for sure do this!


wrote …

I love this woman and what she is doing for millions of women affected by breast cancer and their situations! I will definitely help bring this fundraiser to my affiliate gym in San Jose. Thank you Z!

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