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Dissecting Dave & Nadia: Part 4 by Mike Burgener - CrossFit Journal

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September 24, 2010

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At a recent certification, Nadia Shatila and Dave Lipson had an opportunity to work one-on-one with Olympic-lifting coach Mike Burgener.

As an HQ trainer, Shatila regularly teaches new CrossFitters the snatch but doesn’t always get the opportunity to work on her own lift. Lipson (215 lb., 6’0”) can move large loads like no other (think deadlift well over 650 lb. and a 335-lb. overhead squat), but his best snatch is 220 lb.

In Part 4, both athletes are getting closer to the ideal form Coach Burgener is looking for. Shatila is making quicker progress, so Coach B has her increase the weight, while he holds Lipson back until he becomes more consistent—a point worth noting by aspiring Oly coaches.

At increased weights, Lipson needs to be reminded about his feet, and Shatila needs a good dose of Coach B to get mean on the bar. By the end of the session, both athletes are now on the road to new PRs.

“That’s how good you can be!” Coach B says.

Part 3: 9min 53sec

Additional reading: Learning How to Do Full Snatches by Bill Starr, published Jan. 13, 2010.

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12 Comments on “Dissecting Dave & Nadia: Part 4”


wrote …



wrote …

she so fine hahaha
Excellent coaching. I wish I had a coach like him


wrote …

on 00:09 - curve of Dave's lower back is anything but nice (or am I wrong ?), still he seems to be quite fine with this position and strong as hell :)


wrote …

i need to snatch balance...


Dane Thomas wrote …

Makes me want to lift! Don't know how much higher praise I can give.


wrote …

I just want to thank Coach B for taking the time to work with me. He is a fantastic coach and I feel really lucky to have had the opportunity to get taught by the best! I finally got some lifting shoes from Again Faster, and have been hitting those Snatch balances and OHS. Coach B is right, once you get used to moving fast in the Snatch Balance, the snatch isn't as scary. Thanks again coach B.



replied to comment from Nadia Shatila

Awesome video series and great lifting Nadia and Dave! Just out of curiosity

Nadia...Have getting Oly shoes made a noticeable difference to your lifting?


wrote …


Yes the shoes made a difference. I've been doing CF for 4.5 years and never saw the need for the shoes (granted I never did much olympic lifting as I was in a globo gym with no bumpers). After that session with Coach B I was sold. The first day I wore them I PR'd on my snatch, then I was sold.



replied to comment from Petr Ruzicka

Petr...what you are seeing in Dave's back is commonly referred to as a genetic mutation (aka 'anaconda erectors'). Don't worry, he's safe :)


wrote …

hey nadia...u guys so lucky u got to train with one the best in business.
and i am dead sure u were way too excitied by looking at all those big smile and laugh on ur face.


wrote …

How do you know what the best foot position is for yourself?


wrote …

Love the Burgener series! Keep it up. So many good cues, and two great lines I am repeating to myself:

You can't control the weight, but you can control your body in relationship to the bar.

It's not about how fast you are getting your arms up there, it's about how fast you are getting under the bar.

I love how he uses a variety of cues until he notices which ones stick for people. The technique to make Nadia get the lift after thinking others would have to do burpees was great for displacing her thoughts about not failing again in front of Burgerner.

Great stuff!

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