Coaches Prep Course: Multi-Tasking

By Chris Spealler and E.C. Synkowski

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September 21, 2010

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At a recent Coaches Prep Course, participants were given the opportunity to shadow and learn from top HQ trainers Chris Spealler and E.C. Synkowski.

For new coaches, complex movements can be overwhelming; there’s just so much to see and catch. According to E.C. and Chris, it’s important to focus on one part of the movement and give fast, simple cues at the individual level first. If multiple athletes are tripped up by the same problem, then it becomes a teaching point. Find out more about how to see movement dysfunctions and effectively cue your athletes.

The Coaches Prep Course builds upon the Level 1 Certification and is designed for coaches looking to take their training to the next level. To register for the course, visit

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Additional audio: CrossFit Radio, Episode 115, originally aired April 14, 2010.

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5 Comments on “Coaches Prep Course: Multi-Tasking”


wrote …

This is something I constantly struggle with as a coach. Keeping the group engaged while honing in on one person. Speal makes a good point when he says that checking the beginning and end of each person's movement while giving some verbal keys helps everyone at once rather than analyzing each person individually at the group's expense. Not every coach can see everything that might be wrong with a movement at once so he/she must be able to keep that group in tune with their movements while each individual assessment is conducted.

It amazes me how much you learn as a student and as an educator of CrossFit every day. As CrossFitters, we view fitness as a life long journey/destination that you never really "get to". You just keep working to get better. It is the same as a coach. You can be a good coach but you can always get better, more effective and more knowledgeable. Such is life all around. I very much enjoyed this video and I think all coaches and athletes alike should watch it.


wrote …

Just this short video is a tremendous help to me as a Crossfit Coach. The Coach's Prep Course looks like a phenomenal experience and I can't wait to take it. Thanks for sharing this little excerpt-- I've got a new skill to practice!


wrote …

CF Journal,

Thanks for this video-post, it's helpful to see the HQ trainers (Sherwood, Spealler, and Co) depict movement and talk about it as they correct it. I coach HS students and sometimes there a myriad of things to correct, yet little time and so many different levels of athletes that it makes it hard for one single cue to apply to everyone, yet while watching this post it's noticeable that there is no one answer or approach to correct the individual or group movements. Yet following a hierarchy (or selective ignorance as previously discussed) of what needs quick fixing that will provide the best results a the end of session or the long run. As a new CF Cert 1 coach, I find this type of materials very useful.


wrote …

Thanks for the video, actually doing deadlifts tomorrow! :)


wrote …

awesome video keep them coming. spealler's way of keeping the group engaged while focusing in on one will help myself and many other coaches. can't wait to take the coaches prep

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