CrossFit Radio, Episode 137

By Justin Judkins

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September 15, 2010

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On Episode 137 of CrossFit Radio, host Justin Judkins interviewed traveling CrossFitters Jaimie Harrington and Michael Weyer. Justin also interviewed CrossFit Inferno owner Bill Grundler. This episode was webcast live at 6 p.m. PDT on Wednesday, Sept. 15, 2010.

6:30 Jaimie Harrington and Michael Weyer travel every week with their jobs. While this wreaks havoc with their diets, it allows them the luxury of visiting a large number of CrossFit affiliates. Combined, they have visited over 67 boxes in over 25 different states over the last year. They came on the show to talk about their experiences and what it’s like to be able to visit so many boxes. Between the two of them, they have thrown down WODs in small garage gyms, large-scale operations and everything in between. They discussed some of their favorite affiliates, what kind of receptions they have received and what it means to establish relationships with CrossFitters all over the country.

25:45 Bill Grundler owns CrossFit Inferno and was one of the commentators at the CrossFit Games this past summer. Last week, Bill had the good fortune of being able to travel with a team of well-known CrossFitters who visited different boxes with HQ’s Dave Castro. The entire trip and all their WODs were filmed for future release in the CrossFit Journal. Bill broke down the trip day by day and explained what the WODs were like and who was competing. In a special moment, Bill described what it was like to visit the birthplace of CrossFit: the original HQ in Santa Cruz, Calif. He also attended Rob Orlando’s Strongman Seminar and shared his take-away from the informative sessions.

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Troy Torrence wrote …


Great interview with Jaimie, Michael and Bill. We enjoyed meeting and coaching Jaimie in our garage gym (CrossFit Fishers) and meeting Michael at the Olymipic Lifting Certification that same weekend in Indianapolis at Blast Fitness. I am glad that we made a good impression on Jaimie while she was in town visiting our garage gym. It was pretty cool to have a traveling CrossFitter stop by our garage and train at our gym. Keep up the great work Justin. We love the show.

Troy & Pam Torrence
CrossFit Fishers


wrote …

Hey Justin - I just listened to Episode 137 and loved hearing about the traveling CrossFit couple. I am active-duty Air Force and make a point to find a CrossFit gym when I travel and have some time off. I do not even come close to their resume but have had the good fortune of visiting CrossFit Initiative in Reno (just last week), King County CrossFit in Renton, WA and Foundation CrossFit in Seattle. All three places were great and exemplify what the community is all about.

Keep up the good work on the show.




wrote …


I travel for work and have not had great success maintaining fitness on the road. The diet is obviously rough, and hotel gyms are usually a waste of time. I have destroyed a treadmill at one before and usually resort to Long Slow Runs which kill my strength. Atomic Crossfit is my home (We have a shower! and if you don't intro you have to do burpees), but when I am not there I tend to slack off. I have not have the best luck with trying other boxes, but I will try again with some of the pointers of Michael and Jaimie. Thanks, this gives me some ideas on how to incorporate on the road.

Nathan Church

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