The Champ

By Sevan Matossian

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September 12, 2010

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From inception, the CrossFit Games have been our proving ground, both making and breaking the best athletes. The 2010 CrossFit Games carried on this tradition and brought athletes and spectators alike on an emotional journey lasting three days in July. Only the fittest remain standing at the end of the competition, and this year’s Games held true to this vision and produced a champion: Graham Holmberg.

So who is the man they call “Johnny”?

In the days after the event, Sevan Matossian learned more about the World’s Fittest Man, who viewed the Games as an “any given Sunday” situation where the elite ultimately came up against the hopper. And this year was his year to triumph. A devoted family man, a co-owner and coach at Rogue Fitness/CrossFit Columbus, an avid golfer, and an intense athlete, Holmberg is nothing if not humble.

Here is Matossian’s story of the man behind the title.

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34 Comments on “The Champ”


wrote …

I want to be Graham's friend.

But seriously, happy you took it this year Graham. You definitely inspire me to be stronger, faster, and constantly challenging myself; not just physically in the gym, but also as a Christian.

Keep hitting it hard. Props.


wrote …

Awesome insight into how CrossFit improves your overall life.

Getting the big picture is key.

Well done Graham!


wrote …

One of the great things about Graham and his training is his creativity. He is constantly messing around w movements and workouts and making them more challenging than the regular CF standards (i.e. chest to the top bar pullups, double fran). When competition comes, it allows for him to hit with higher intensity, if only because training this way gives him a mental edge.

Very inspirational! Don't know which is better, this one or "Sisu" w Mikko.


wrote …

Glad to see great things happening to great people. Congrats on your success on and off the rubberized mat.


wrote …

Like Graham, I've never puked during a work-out. I almost did so, however, after watching his double Fran. Impressive.


wrote …

This video made my yearly payment worth it.


wrote …

Where can I get THOSE SHORTS!!!???. Damn!...


wrote …

just amazing


wrote …

Just wanted to say thanks Sevan for putting this together. Also, big thanks for the support and comments. It has been an awesome privilege to represent the CrossFit community thus far and look forward to the next year of training and unknown daily challenges we face. Im glad Sevan didn't show all of the yoga poses and my putting, lol.


wrote …



wrote …

This guy is amazing. Very talented. Did you notice, that however hard he hits a workout, and however exhausted he is, he is basically fully recovered 5 minutes after?
And rope muscle ups???? My god....


Tammi Byxbee wrote …

Great video-especially liked to see the power yoga practice


wrote …

Golf club thrusters, hilarious.


wrote …

The download isn't working for me - all three links come up in my Safari downloads as 'No permissions to read the file.' Anyone got any suggestions?



replied to comment from Szilárd Óvári

Yes - Ovari - His recovery is remarkable and I was particularly blown away at his double Fran - and then 2 minutes later teaching a class.

Filming with Graham was eye opening and FUN!


Ralph Hicks wrote …

Keep up the good work buddy. Might have to come over and challenge you with the rope muscle ups!

In all seriousness, Graham is exactly what this video showed and I'm glad he won because he deserved it.


Erik Miller wrote …

Constantly impressed and inspired by the top people (and everyone else involved for that matter) in this sport. The humility these men and women show is breath of fresh air in the athletic world.
One Fran makes me feel like Graham did after two.


wrote …

Amazing! 2 Frans in just over the time it takes me to do one. Motivating and a bit demoralizing at the same time.


wrote …

That was a lot of fun to watch. It really made me miss you guys at Rogue. I look forward to getting back there to train with everyone again.

The more I learn about CrossFit the more I am impressed by your creativity and willingness to go completely outside of the 'box' with your programming. I believe you working every angle is what ultimately gave you the edge this year at the games. You can lift heavy, do bodyweight moves, and do all the skills with ultimate efficiency. Just hearing you break down your rationale on burpees has given me something to work on next time they come up!

As for your golf swing...great speed, but we have to eliminate that 'duffed' shot! When I get back into town we will talk.


wrote …

this is life in central Ohio, easy going, golf courses everywhere, strong mofo's

Congrats Graham.


wrote …

Last time Sevan Mattosian made a move Sisu - documentary of Mikko Salo.
There are 95 comments on this video!
Touching,inspiring,"Rocky" for Crossfiters.
Graham congrats for winning CFG 2010,but pilates,yoga and golf is a little to much for me.


wrote …

Good video. Graham, you seem like a really cool, down to earth guy, and congratulations on your win this year. I was at the games, and your performance was amazing.

Also, rope muscle-ups are awesome.


wrote …

Amazing didn't know much about Graham great guy inspring. Anyone knows the song from the yoga scene?


wrote …

I had seriously been wondering why we hadn't seen more of the CHAMP after the two short clips shown soon after the CF games 2010, and finally here it is, we get to see a snap picture of what he does...


You deserve every single accolade! these were you games... keep working hard and inspiring others to do what you... it's in my to do list those the 100 burpees. God bless you man!


wrote …

Graham is a great guy. From the couple times I've met him and Brandon, both were down to earth, easy to talk to guys. You deserve it Graham. Keep using this pedestal to glorify Him. ;-)

See you next year!


wrote …

awesome awesome stuff!
great work Graham and Sevan.


wrote …

I LIKE this guy! There is just something special about his calm nature, humility, family values, etc. that gives me a warm, fuzzy. A stud in and out of the gym. Love it. Spirit of the Gamea Award???


wrote …

My HD movie freezes at 46:37.

My bad or clip corrupt?
Size is 1,78 GB


replied to comment from Johan Ström

HD movie freezes at 46:37 for me as well. I think clip is corrupt.


Super Cool and Inspiring! Thanks and well done at the games Graham!


wrote …

Loved this documentary and Sisu. Sevan (and the other guys behind the scene if there are any), awesome awesome job.

I'm thinking about trying this foam roller thing out. Anyone have experience with it? My legs get so tense after squats and thrusters, I've been looking for a sure fire way of keeping them loose and ready to go.


wrote …

Great documentary. Loved it. Glad to see The Champ is doing Yoga. I've been doing Yoga and Crossfit for years and they really work well together. Would encourage anyone to try it.


replied to comment from Johan Ström

If you download the SD version of the file you can see the rest. It's some kind of issue with the MP4, not quite sure what.


wrote …

Great start savon. But you know it's not over till we hear him play and see his drawing.

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