CrossFit and Swim Training

By Chris Michelmore and Pete Raykovich

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Training for a sport can be boring and repetitive, and swimming is no different as the laps pile up. To spice things up a bit and hopefully increase performance, Pete Raykovich and Chris Michelmore have been using CrossFit with young athletes at De Anza Cupertino Aquatics.

Michelmore and Raykovich talk about how they’ve implemented CrossFit in their training program and how the athletes have responded to the intense dry-land workouts. Interestingly, athletes in what is primarily an individual sport enjoy the team atmosphere of CrossFit workouts, and their coaches believe CrossFit is helping the young swimmers increase speed, power and agility.

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Additional reading: CrossFit Kids: Dryland Training for Young Swimmers by Kaitlin Lyons, published June 1, 2008.



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wrote …


I really enjoy your videos!

That card game is a great way to get the team working!
Do you have any other ideas like that to share?
I would like to use that idea with group fitness.



wrote …

Great stuff, Chris. I hope there is more on tap. I wonder if you are going to cover flexibility issues at some point. Its been decades since I swam regularly, and I am finding a lot of upper back and shoulder flexibility issues that have resulted from Crossfitting avidly are getting in the way of swimming efficiently. any pointers or suggestions on improving flexibility for swimming will be enthusiastically received. keep up the great work!


replied to comment from Carl Helstrom

See "2 minute drills" in the CFJ or check out some of the entries on K-star's MobilityWod:


wrote …

thanks, Benjamin. I have just been looking at the mobility wod blog and need to catch up on it this weekend. I will definitely look at the 2 min drills, too. back in the day, many moons ago when I was a competitive swimmer, we had specific stretching and mobility drills so I am hoping to find a swim-specific stretching program. thanks again for the suggestions.


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That card game is awesome! We've spent a while coming up with team workouts that truly motivate therm. We do a lot of stuff with dice awell. We also keep a lot of things as relays. Basically anything that forces them to rely on others. With the dice you can be creative. Maybe thr numbers represent reps, or maybe specific exercises?
Have fun!


Thanks for the kind words! So far we haven't done anything with mobility. There atte a few things a swimmer can do, but I agree with Benjamin that the mobility wods are a perfect tool.


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Great video - I wish we had CrossFit training back when I was swimming - it would have been so beneficial - especially for sprinters. I hope more swim coaches watch this video and open their training regimens to new ideas.


wrote …

thanks, Chris. I am with Jason, too, as an old sprinter who hated the predominance of l.s.d.

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