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Warm Up Like an Athlete by Chris Michelmore - CrossFit Journal

Warm Up Like an Athlete

By Chris Michelmore

In Sports Applications, Videos

September 18, 2010

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At CrossFit Moxie, Chris Michelmore tries and keep the warm-up as varied as the WOD, and in doing so he hopes to prepare his athletes for the day’s work and keep them stimulated with new combinations of movements.

Every warm-up is different at the San Jose box, and each prep period is based around the idea that a CrossFit workout is an athletic endeavor. Athletes warm up before stepping on the football field or jumping into the pool at a swim meet, so CrossFit athletes should get their bodies fully ready for whatever challenge appears on the whiteboard that day.

Tune in and pick up a new warm-up for your next WOD.

2min 51sec

Additional reading: A Better Warm-Up by Greg Glassman, published April 1, 2003.

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7 Comments on “Warm Up Like an Athlete”


wrote …

Totally respect this video, It makes alot of since to change the warm up every day to warm up specific muscles that you will be taxing that WOD. I currently do the CFWU (Pullups, Back extensions, OHS, Samson stretch) and HTFU (DU, HSPU, Pistols, Burpees) warm up during the week and incorporate the BUrgender (spelling) routine 2 - 3 times a week. I train at ALbany Crossfit (Albany, NY)


wrote …

Great video. I train alone the majority of the time and sometimes I'm guilty of the same thing just jumping right into a WOD which does me no good. Maybe in the future we will see CF mainsite posting the Warmup of the Day.


wrote …

I believe in everything you spoke of in that video.

Thanks for reinforcing it.

I change my warmup everyday and include some stretching at the end of the warmup before moving forward to the WOD.

Stretch (static mountain climbers, scorpions, cobras, leg raises to name a few)
Cool Down


wrote …

I would love to see a affiliate or the main site take up posting a Warmup of the Day. I have a feeling alot of people would use it. Sure, we could all make up our own warmups, but I know I would be guilty of falling into a rut of movements.


I agree Glenn-great point. I try to change the warm ups of my athletes but am often guilty of doing the same mobility drills without even realizing it.


wrote …

My warm ups don't consist of things like jumping jacks or mountain climbers. Most of what I do is hip and shoulder prep work. Especially if I'm going to be hitting one or both. For example, if I'm going to do thrusters, or squats and push-ups and or pull-ups, I'll do the both the hip and shoulder prep work. Sometimes I'll jump rope to get my heart rate up a little and create some heat. I'd like to see some of the other warm up & cool down routines that are used in addition to stretching.

I agree with Brett. I would be nice to see them included with the WOD.


wrote …

Good mornings in a warm up on deadlift day! Like it!! They're something that are a bit old school but I think they should be in crossfit programming in some format on occasions. Especially as an alternative to back extensions if not enough GHD's in your box. As long as people realise they can't tear them up in a wod or go too heavy, I think they are a great addition to the arsenal. Great for those with glute activation issues or improving hammy range.

Our box does the same thing changing the warm up according to day's focus. We've had bear crawls, alligator crawls, Monkey bar runs, handstand kick ups or holds etc!

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