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September 06, 2010

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All eyes are on Pat Sherwood, a burgeoning media magnate. From being a flowmaster at Level 1 Certs to documenting his diet for his Zone Chronicles to broadcasting live from the 2010 CrossFit Games, Sherwood is one of CrossFit’s best-known characters.

But it’s rough at the top. Long hours, the occasional imbalanced meal and jet lag can put the skids on any smiling personality.

When Sherwood had a minute to spare at this year’s Games, Ian Wittenber of Again Faster put a microphone on Sherwood and followed him around the bowels of the Home Depot Center. Tune in as Pat rousts sleeping CrossFit HQ members and admits to a meal at an unlikely fast-food chain.

11min 30sec

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17 Comments on “Mic’d Up with Pat Sherwood”


wrote …

Hey Pat,

thanks for the McDonalds advice. I'm not going to take it too serious. It's not ideal. But hey if it keeps me away from sugar bing, I'm for it. I do enjoy those Zone chronicles. A lot of real world stuff. Things just aren't always idea.




wrote …

Pat Sherwood, probably the nicest guy in CrossFit.


wrote …

Pat for President.


wrote …

‎"If you take the bread off of anything at McDonald's, it instantly becomes Paleo"
words to live - BIG thanks Pat


wrote …

Pat is a stand-up guy. He is humble, genuine, and just plain nice as hell. It was a pleasure doing a level one with him. Keep the positive vibrations coming man.

Thanks for the awesome Journal entries and good work you do, man.



EC S wrote …



wrote …

Pat is the man!


wrote …

Pat you're hilarious! Keep up the good work man!!


wrote …

Pat Sherwood. Great Guy. Real Deal.


wrote …


I agree, please nobody pinch me!

Keep up the quality work.



wrote …

Wow sorry guys, I must have been messed up after that WOD when I talked with Matt... it was a 50lbs PR not 75... haha math is always shaky after CrossFit.

Pat Sherwood, you are one stand up dude! I never get sick of watching videos with you in them.

Matt, I look forward to meeting/competing with you in Colorado in October.


Lisa Quinn wrote …

Pat...thanks for all you do for CF~


Chris Sinagoga wrote …

you did the Level 1 Cert i attended in Ann Arbor, MI. i honestly would've paid the $1000 for your nutrition lecture alone. to be able to put out 100% effort during the seminars after doing the same thing for weeks and weeks really speaks to your character.

thank you for all you do for the CrossFit community and hopefully you keep updating us with videos.


wrote …

Pat, you're ridiculous and we all love you. You still change lives.
Matt, you're a beast and you terrify me.
Chris, you're a ninja.
End fan mail.


wrote …

I heart Pat


wrote …

Rather than you feeling fortunate to be a part CrossFit, I think CrossFit is fortunate to have you as a representative. As always, you are very well spoken and I could listen to you all day long. I'm always excited when I see new content from you in the journal. Keep up the great work.


Pat - you the man.
I too agree, CrossFit is fortunate to have someone as nice and cool as you. It's amazing when a person can do what they love and the community they work for/with loves what they do. We can all only hope to be half as lucky and happy!
Way to go!

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