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September 05, 2010

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When opening a CrossFit box, many affiliates go with some version of main-site programming. Jeff and Mikki Martin’s CrossFit Brand X, based in Romona, Calif., was no different.

But what do the Martins do when they need to get creative and come up with new workouts for their athletes? They do what any good CrossFit box would do: test out new ideas on their coaches.

Enter skunkworks at the box—the Martins’ version of trial-by-fire programming.

According the Wikipedia, “A skunkworks project is one typically developed by a small and loosely structured group of people who research and develop a project primarily for the sake of radical innovation.”

That sounds about right.

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Additional reading: Theoretical Template for CrossFit Programming by Greg Glassman, published Feb. 1, 2003.

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14 Comments on “Skunkworks ”


wrote …

Awesome concept and I think its great that you're changing things up a bit for those that would like to participate. It's easy to follow the mainpage but doing what youre doing shows a passion you have to really mix things up and keep your atheletes interested and "constantly varied" .... I think I've seen that somewhere before!


wrote …

"hypocsy-kettlebell swings" I do not know if that is what Mr. Jeff Martin said, but whatever their called it sounds awesome. If I understand it right it goes like this:

one breath - one swing
another breath - hold for two swings
another breath - hold for three swings
another breath - hold for four swings

as far as you are able.

This reminds me of a swimming vid with Chris Michaelmore a few weeks back where they would hold their breath for a certain amount of strokes...or something of that nature. Very cool, can't wait to try.


wrote …

...and here I thought it was called skunkworks because of the smell in the Ramona summer!



wrote …

@Harrison Meelker: it's "Hipoxic kettlebell swings"
it refers to the lack of adequate oxygen supply


wrote …

damn.... i spelled it wrong too. Hypoxic. Sorry about that


wrote …

When watching the burpees in one of the WODS, it doesn't look like there is any standard for technique.


Tammi Byxbee wrote …

Great video-especially like to see a family approach to fitness with Mom and Dad and the two boys.


wrote …

Are those homemade "prowlers"? ...


replied to comment from Marika Veldink

It's a burpee. Intensity is the only technique that really matters.


replied to comment from Michael Harpin

I asked Dan if he could show how they were made and he put this together.


wrote …

That young man who lost his lunch part way through came back and finished the WOD.
I won't name him in case he's embarrassed by it and his Dad is a very well known figure in the CF community.

Tough kid.


replied to comment from Tammi Byxbee

3 boys.
You had Duncan (who got off his sick-bed to participate), Keegan and Connor all joining in.

Throw a bunch of american bulldogs and boxers into the household, and Jeff, and well, Mikki must have the patience of saint.


wrote …

Craig ... Thank you! ... Great way to show your handiwork


wrote …

Loved watching the kids compete. That is awesome, what scares me is his form for one of the thrusters looked better then 90% of what you see at a normal box. Amazing to see these kids compete, I know of kids who are growing up in boxes. Just wait in 10 years these kids will be smashing all the record times, and they will only be 16- 20 years old!!!

Loved the vid, cool stuff!

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