Tested by Fire

By Peter Trapp

In Affiliation, CrossFit

September 21, 2010

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Peter Trapp survives one of Australia’s worst bushfires—and he believes CrossFit helped him do it.

The radio assured me the fire was still far away. Ten minutes later, the sky turned black, then red. I could hear it coming. Imagine standing next to a jumbo jet. Then I saw the flames: hundreds of metres in length and over three stories high. This was no normal fire. My land exploded into flames fuelled by 160-kilometer-an-hour winds. As I rushed to the fire pump, I felt calm and ready.

The pump didn’t start. Almost surrounded by flames, I fled into the house to get my two dogs. The house started burning. I put a blanket over myself and, clutching the hysterical dogs, went outside. The heat! Everything was on fire—even my driveway. I had to run through the flames. Rushing to my neighbor’s property, which was my only sanctuary, I could feel myself burning. At this precise time, 21 people were burning to death 100 meters up the road.

Twenty meters on, I lost all visibility. The smoke blinded me. I stumbled into a ditch and twisted my ankle. I could not find my neighbour’s gate. It was then I decided it was my time to die. But then a desperate desire to live for my family took hold, and all the memories of painful, gut-wrenching WODs came flooding back.

I vividly remember screaming to myself, “Come on! Go! Go faster! Push! Don’t give up! Go!”



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wrote …

Peter-Good for you! It sounds like you are a fighter with a will to truly live life on your own terms. Good luck in the future endeavors.


Gerard Mcauliffe wrote …

Truly inspirational Peter. The people in the CrossFit family never cease to amaze me.


wrote …

What an amazing and inspiring story. Thank you for sharing! It's a great moment to be thankful for all I have including the CrossFit community.


wrote …

Pete, I obviously know your story, but it still inspires me to read it again and again. Welcome back to the crossfit fold and really pleased to see you happy.

Well Done!


wrote …

That was inspiring. I really need this!

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