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September 02, 2010

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Have you ever seen kids scooting around in a CrossFit Kids class at your local affiliate? Those children could very well be the next face of USA’s national weightlifting team—or so is the hope of Coach Mike Burgener and the rest of Team CrossFit, a newly organized group of people interested in testing themselves in weightlifting competitions.

Coach B has been around weightlifting and athletics for a long time and has coached many to great success, including his son Casey, an accomplished lifter who narrowly missed competing in the Beijing Olympics after the U.S. was only given two spots in the competition.

In this video, Coach Burgener gives a short history of weightlifting in the United States, including the fortuitous intersection of Oly lifting and CrossFit. Burg goes on to talk about Team CrossFit, which allows CrossFitters to compete in USAW events, and the potential for young CrossFitters to make an impact on weightlifting in the next decade.

CrossFitters will compete head to head with Oly lifters at this year’s CrossFit/USAW Open, which takes place in Colorado Springs, Colo., Oct. 1-3.

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Additional reading: More Pop at the Top by Bill Starr, published Sept. 5, 2009.

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4 Comments on “The History of the USAW and Team CrossFit”


wrote …

As usual, Coach B is a class act and a wealth of knowledge. Good luck to all the CrossFitters going to compete!


wrote …

When is the scoring system for the CrossFit/USAW Open going to be published?

Or is that still filed under "Unknown and unknowable"


replied to comment from Kieran Barry

It's the sum of your max lift for both lifts plus the number of total reps in the triplet. Coach B's previous video covers this. However, you must complete both lifts to be allowed to take part in the triplet.


wrote …

Coach B is old school all the way. I love his passion for the sport and how he's embraced CrossFit. CrossFit wouldn't be the same without him. I hope to have the chance to meet him someday.

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