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USAW Movement Standards by Natalie and Casey Burgener - CrossFit Journal

USAW Movement Standards

By Natalie and Casey Burgener

In Competition, Olympic Lifts, Videos

September 11, 2010

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From Oct. 1-3, CrossFitters will compete with Olympic lifters in the first CrossFit-USAW Open. What will be the hardest adjustment for CrossFitters at this judged weightlifting meet? The standards.

While CrossFitters are comfortable with the Olympic lifts, judged standards are different from those common in most boxes. To prepare Team CrossFit for the event, USA Weightlifting Team members and national record holders Natalie and Casey Burgener answer questions about the upcoming competition. They identify the sticking points for CrossFit competitors and provide expert advice on how to avoid seeing red lights before, during or after a lift.

Join Matt and Cherie Chan of CrossFit Verve as they test the official standards on the tennis courts that will play host to the Open in just a few weeks.

11min 36sec

Additional reading: The Quick Lifts: Start Here by Bill Starr, published May 8, 2010.

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8 Comments on “USAW Movement Standards”


wrote …

Natalie and Casey seem like such down to earth folks.


wrote …

This is going to be a great event; hopefully the first of many joint CF/USAW meets. Unfortunately we can't get away from the box to attend in person. Hopefully it'll be streamed like the game were.


wrote …

looking good in the singlet Matt;-)


wrote …

This video highlights one of the criticism that people have against CROSSFIT using olympic movements for a lot of reps.
These crossfitters have been doing these movements without even knowing the rules of the movements. It looks like they are more concerned with quantity.
After listening to these rules , looks like EVERYONE is doing it all wrong after the 6th rep!!!!


replied to comment from Cerveau Gauche

But it doesn't matter.

Those are the rules for an Olympic Lifting contest that currently uses two movements, the snatch and clean and jerk. If you're not competing in a contest no-one is under any obligation to follow those rules. CrossFit takes two movements that require the athlete to exert a great deal of power which also happen to be used in Olympic Weightlifting. Olympic Weightlifting doesn't own those movements and has no say in how the lifts are performed outside of their contests and events.
The viewpoint expressed by Anders Lindsjö in this video covers it very nicely

CRossFit is after a different effect than competitive olympic lifters are. We're trying to solve a different problem in Anders' terminology.


wrote …

They look like Superheroes in those


Damon Stewart wrote …

This is going to be a fantastic event, can't wait!


wrote …

hey does anyone know what the deal is if you just wanna go as a spectator. cost, etc. love that this is here in colorado. there is just no way i could compete as i am still in the learning phase of these movements. I know fitness isnt a spectator sport but i still would love to see this live!

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