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October 18, 2010

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Are you afraid of a knife? Do you own a knife? How is it that you are afraid of a knife and yet you own one? What are you really afraid of?

Let Tony Blauer illustrate more mental associations and behavioral patterning through the Cycle of Behavior, a Blauer Tactical Systems performance-enhancement training model.

Tony Blauer is a combat specialist and creator of the SPEAR System—spontaneous protection enabling accelerated response. In Part 1, Blauer introduces the Cycle of Behavior flowchart to the participants at his seminar held at CrossFit Santa Cruz. Blauer breaks down behavioral patterning starting with motivation. For example, visualizing if you will succeed or not at a task ahead of you leads to your expectation of whether or not you will succeed, which motivates you to even attempt it. In threatening situations, this patterning can be used for predator-prey reversal to avoid becoming the victim.

“Learn how to manage your fear,” Blauer says.

6min 42sec

Additional reading: The Mind Game by Steven Shrago, published March 27, 2010.

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5 Comments on “The Cycle of Behavior: Part 1”


wrote …

I could listen to this allll day


wrote …

An amazing, amazing tool not only for Personal Safety but almost any of life's challenges. I have studied and Taught Coach Blauers S.P.E.A.R System for the past 10/11 years and this tool is still one of my favorites, it has helped me understand past experiences and why I did what I did, and continues to help with new ones set to challenge me.


wrote …

I need to get to a SPEAR class! This is great training!


wrote …

I have always like Blauer's style of teaching, I think he is very intelligent at putting things in Layman's terms. Although, coming from Marcial Tirada System of Kali (50% of the art, deals with knife fighting), my Punong Guro always says "expect to get cut" and the ideology is to prepare yourself mentally if the time comes (and most likely will), and be mentally able overcome the situation. Being in a knife altercation, I did get my hand cut slightly, but successfully disarmed the drunken idiot.


wrote …

I totally agree with Lewis here. If you get into a knife fight you will most definetly get cut. If you do net get cut it is not because you are such a good fighter but because you just GOT LUCKY!! That is the attitude you have to posses. "I will maybe get cut but i won´t die!" Anything else and you are fooling yourself. The rest of the lecture I agree with totally. I train Krav maga and we do knife fights all the time with shock knifes and painted knifes and my white t-hirt always gets red on it but mostly on places that are not vital. Also I have seen a technic from SPEAR where you block the knife attack from above and go for a grab by pulling the knife near your body and holding it close to the body. That is also stupid because if the guy starts to pull and you cannot stop him (your hands are sweaty, bloody and sticky,you are tired or wounded) you will get seriously injured. Krav maga teaches blocking and punching at the same time with continuous counterpunches after that. The grab comes only when you opponent is so weak that he or she cannot do anything to you with that knife. BLOCK, PUNCH, PUSH, RUN AWAY if you can. I hope this makes sense to you. Coach Blauer is an amazing person and i watch his videos all the time hoping to learn something new. On this I respectfully choose to disagree with him.

- Sasha -

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