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October 06, 2010

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Carl Paoli is an elite gymnast and coach at San Francisco CrossFit who also runs his own practice called Naka Athletics. Today, Paoli teaches us how the hollow-body position and mushroom training can help your CrossFit movements.

The hollow-body position allows for trunk stability, which is synonymous with the key CrossFit concept of midline stabilization, and the position can translate into elite skills like freestanding handstands and freestanding handstand push-ups. The mushroom is a piece of gymnastics equipment traditionally used to develop competence on the pommel horse. It’s also useful for CrossFit skills because it improves shoulder mobility and develops strength.

Learn how your gym can incorporate these key gymnastics elements to develop CrossFit skills on the road to elite performance.

11min 17sec

Video by Again Faster.

Additional reading: Your Form Sucks by Dr. John Zimmer, published May 22, 2010.

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18 Comments on “Transitioning CrossFit Movements into Elite Skills: Part 2 ”


wrote …

He makes all of this seem so effortless. Great video.


wrote …

Awesome. I want a mushroom.


wrote …

It's been kind of creepy that everything that he's done in these videos have been things I've talked with students and colleagues about just a day or two before the video comes out. The mushroom thing was something I've been talking with someone about, and sure enough, here it is in the journal.

I'll be excited to see what the next one will be!


wrote …

carl paoli is tha man!


Carey Wheeler wrote …

Loving this stuff! More, more, more!


Jeri Mcmaster wrote …

Funny, my mushroom just arrived a couple days ago, and then this video popped up! A gymnast client wanted one here for his training.


wrote …

That was a cool video.


wrote …

I see a mushroom in my garage in the not too distant future


wrote …

I want a shroom.


wrote …

This is a really great series keep them coming.


wrote …

I only eat mushrooms.

But after this video I have one on my gym wish list.

And by the way - I want to spend some time at SFCF.
They have all the cool coaches.


wrote …

In case anyone's interested, making your own mushroom is possible.

It's covered in some threads on the message boards:
And this is linked from that:
An EGE pommel trainer, not quite a mushrooom, but related

And some external links
And some videos of making them
This one's for the EGE pommel trainer mentioned in one of the message board threads I linked earlier.

Now I just need time to do put one together.

Another pommel training technique has also been covered here in the journal, Bucket Circles:

I don't know how it relates the mushroom as far as effectiveness and skill transfer.


Alex Kourkoumelis wrote …

A trampoline sounds like more fun than a shroom.


wrote …

Damn straight!!! Love it. Hollow hollow hollow! Testify brother testify!


Chris Sinagoga wrote …

oh yeah. "just some fun stuff you can play with".


wrote …

What a fantastic series! I am continually getting drawn to the gymnastics stuff more and more. I am definitely putting a mushroom on my wish list!

Fun stuff!


wrote …

Carl, I know I wouldn't be the only one interested in attending a seminar if you decided to take this on the road. Keep up the good work.


wrote …

My 8 year old has been taking gymnastics since he was 3 and has really seen some amazing results. I recently opened my own box and since then he has become VERY interested in CrossFit (not that he wasn't before, but the GLOBO I trained at before had a no kids policy). I have started training him 2 nights a week with some of my other members kids. I just love how everything we do translates to everything in life... FUNCTIONAL movement.. LOVE IT! He is now getting better at both CrossFit and Gymnastics, can't wait to see what sport he wants to take on next! If you don't practice gymnastics movements every week... you are hurting everything else that you do practice. Until you know where you are in space, how the hell are you going to be able to know where a barbell is, or a med ball, or anything for that matter...
Great vid, keep em coming!

P.S. my 3 year old daughter just started last week at the same school of gymnastics..... look out world :-) oh and she can do better toes to bar then half my clients!!!

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