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October 14, 2010

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Have a box? You can learn levers.

Think that’s great? Find out what Carl Paoli can teach you to do with rings and parallel bars.

Paoli is an elite gymnast and coach at San Francisco CrossFit who also runs his own practice called Naka Athletics. Today, Paoli teaches us how to develop handstand walks on top of parallel bars, forward and backward rolls on the rings, and levers on a box. Each elite modality consists of basic skills and movements that utilize body control, hollow-body position and proper shoulder position. Each movement breaks down into bite-sized pieces you can sink your teeth into, even at a beginner level.

According to Paoli, CrossFit gives us the opportunity to explore ourselves—to find our weaknesses and attack them using all the domains at our disposal. Watch and learn as Paoli simplifies these elite skills and crafts a better CrossFitter using gymnastics.

13min 58sec

Video by Again Faster.

Additional reading: Scaling Up CrossFit Workouts With Rings by Tyler Hass, published May 1, 2008.



10 Comments on “Transitioning CrossFit Movements into Elite Skills: Part 3”


Francois Raymond wrote …

Good job. thanks


Francois Raymond wrote …

Good job. thanks


wrote …

There are so many fun things to learn and practice!
Thanks Carl!


wrote …

awesome stuff Carl, went straight to my crossfit gym and had a play on the rings. not quite as fluent as you but i'll keep going, seems like your a really good coach and know your stuff. thanks


wrote …

great info...time to play!


wrote …

How would one go about building a set for our box?


wrote …

nice, moves. i'm no gymnast, but i'm trying these for sure.


wrote …

I have a box!


wrote …

Between Kelly, Boz, and now this guy... For the first time ever I wish I lived in San Fran.


replied to comment from Chuck McDonald

Chuck, check these links out.

The original CFSantaCruz made a set for their own purposes or maybe it was one of the spin-offs after the original was closed. There was some video in the CFJ where Tony Budding went over it but you'd have to dig as I can't recollect exactly where it was.

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