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October 02, 2010

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How familiar is this story?

A person with a non-athletic, sedentary lifestyle finds his or her inner athlete through CrossFit. As the new client loses excess weight, recovers from old injuries and increases his or her strength and mobility, that client is hooked.

Chris Emerson of Valley CrossFit was no different when he found CrossFit and rehabbed his lower back. Within a month, his pain was gone and he was well on his way to a new life starting at age 53. Emerson explains how trainers like 2010 Games champion Kristan Clever make a difference in their clients’ lives and inspire them to overcome mental barriers to thrive in CrossFit—and life.

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Additional reading: Coaching the Mental Side of CrossFit by Greg Amundson, published July 7, 2010.

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13 Comments on “It Changed My Life: Chris Emerson”


wrote …

Brilliant. I love to watch these testimonials. But in order for there to be more the people need to go through with them for enough time to feel the change, so this is a tip o' the old hat to Chris Emerson for doing so and keeping on going.


wrote …

I LOVED the "I may be one of the last ones" comment he made!! I'm 53 also and I've had a WHOLE Lot of those being last ones WODs (Of course, I work out at CrossFit Wright-Patt with TONS of firebreathers!). But it's ok, we've got older crossfitters than me & the days I'm the last one doing the WOD, either I'm doing Rx'd or the next day's WOD, I kill it!! Way to go Chris!


wrote …

What a marvelous testimonial... Congratulations Chris...


wrote …

You earned it all, Chris! No one is more tenacious or attacks harder. Way to "lead from the front"!


wrote …

I am 61 years of age and have been assocaited with CFM - Lexington, Ky for a very short period of time. I joined early this summer at my son's recommendation in order to help me prepare for an Elk hunt in Wyoming this fall. I can only echo Chris' sentiments regarding the profound effect CF has had on my life. A widower for 3 years and retired for 2 years CF has not only given my life purpose again it has introduced me to some of the most amazing community of friends I have ever had. I too finish last in almost every WOD but realized, with the help of our wonderful coaches and other members that the important thing was to make the effort and good things eventually happen. I also become emotional, to the point of tears, when I speak of the coaches, my fellow WOD attendees and the profound effects on my physical and emotional well being. The physical improvements are readily visable but the emotional and almost spiritual strength I have gained with CF has truly given my life renewed direction and purpose.


wrote …

When you look around in the gym and think you can't- get a trainer, learn the techniques, work hard, have fun, it becomes rewarding. I've been with my trainer learning for 10-12 months. Started with 40 pants, in 36 now and still dropping inches, and weight. Celebrate my 60th in 2 weeks, and feel pretty good. I'm hooked on Olympic weight lifting now and still learning.
Thanks for sharing Chris. You're right it's another life now, and yea most of the time, last "for time", but "I did it" and it's all that mattered. I did it.


wrote …

Awesome story. Thank you for sharing. The best thing we can all do is to tell others OUR CROSSFIT story! As a 6 month crossfitter and a newly certified Level 1 trainer, it has certainly changed my life too!


wrote …

I'm gonna send this to my mom see if it will help inspire her :) Keep the great videos coming!


wrote …

My experience with CrossFit is so similar--been doing it 16 months, never been athletic, more than my fitness got an overhaul.

It's been astonishing to me how I've gained so much more than weight loss and fantastic fitness. I've got this brand-new physical ability that is so much fun to suddenly have, and it makes me want to try things I would've avoided before. From being a respected part of the community, I've learned that I also have something to offer, which has been a confidence booster. I have a new mental toughness that has transferred to other areas of life.

Many people learn these things during their teens or 20s (through sports or other physical pursuits), but some people never do. I would've been in the latter group had I not found CrossFit at 37.

I like what Mary said in "Mary's Story": "I really think that the Lord knows about CrossFit." There have been many ups and some downs, too, but overall CrossFit has been a huge blessing to me, and I thank God for it.


wrote …

I too, at 64 years of age am reaping the benefits of CrossFit. Every aspect of my life is different now. The WODs are daily games to play and I love it. I weight less now than I did in middle school and am stronger than I was 30 years ago. How many people can say that?


wrote …

Spot on about the back pain. I am 38 and suffered from lower back pain for 10 years, Crossfit has reduced that pain in just 3 months to almost none.


wrote …

Fantastic. Honest and heartfelt. Very motivating.


wrote …

Awesome! I love to hear success stories like this!

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