CrossFit Radio, Episode 141

By Justin Judkins

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October 13, 2010

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On Episode 141 of CrossFit Radio, host Justin Judkins interviewed Khristian Moore, who has seen amazing results since starting CrossFit and a Paleo/Zone diet. Justin also interviewed Fernando David, who owns an affiliate and coaches a CrossFit Endurance team. This episode was webcast live at 6 p.m. PDT on Wednesday, Oct. 13, 2010.

4:55 Since starting CrossFit and a Paleo/Zone diet 10 months ago, Khristian Moore has lost 107 lb. He came on the show to talk about his amazing transformation and a journey that went from discovering CrossFit online and trying it in his local Globo Gym to getting kicked out because of his “crazy workouts.” He described how he then found CrossFit Hardcore and felt at home. Moore also explained how he makes his diet work with his hectic work schedule and busy life.

33:05 Fernando David attended one of Brian MacKenzie’s first Endurance Certifications and was intrigued. David explained how he was still skeptical that an endurance athlete could improve performance without all the grueling miles, so he decided to try the program himself. After a significant PR on a triathlon and dramatically improved recovery, he was hooked. David has owned South Florida Endurance CrossFit for almost two years and has established a CrossFit Endurance Team with 52 members. He talked about his athletes’ training and the technique of running.

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4 Comments on “CrossFit Radio, Episode 141”


wrote …

Just wanted to thank JJ and Jaimie again for this opportunity to talk about my journey. Don’t think I plugged my wife enough either, since she made it happen by adhering to the grocery list I gave her, and cooking my countless pounds of chicken. I mean really Purdue needs to offer me a spokesperson deal, screw Subway & Jared. I forgot to mention also that thx to crossfit I also ran my first half marathon few weeks back in 2:19, I know slow but considering I literally started at the back of 12000+ individuals in the last corral to finish 2179; I will call it a success. Hell I couldn’t walk 400m 15 months ago. I'm training to do the Disney Goofy Challenge beginning of the year for the 1/2 & Full marathon in the same weekend. Again only doing Crossfit WODs and CF Endurance. Got to thank my Box again Crossfit Hardbodies, fellow crossfit’rs, and my Trainers Fortune & Edson Santos, they are going to help me finish chiseling out my 8-pack in the coming months. Fortune I will beat you in a WOD soon!


wrote …

Great interview with Fernando, gave some good insight to how he is coaching for CFE.

I was wondering if you might do a session dedicated to just CFE topics? I'd love to hear more about the details of how to develop a program. All the online resources are great and the theoretical template for CFE helps but it would be so useful to hear from someone coaching as to how they mix CF and CFE, such things like, can you mix a CF workout couplet that includes running and cover CF and CFE in one workout (short on time thing), and other more niche topics within the CFE realm.

And the interview with Khristian was great. I've never struggled with weight but I've watched my wife go down almost 100lbs and now crush WODs. Congratulations to you Khristian, anyone who can win over a battle with weight and stay motivated to get better has my respect!


wrote …

Thanks for having a guy like Khristian on the show. The fire breathers are cool from time to time, but remember that 99.9% of your listeners can relate to guys like Khistian and can learn a lot more from his story than a super stud that has a sub 2 minute Fran. Keep bringing Crossfit life changers on!

By the way, the sound was good and I didnt have to change the volume each time you spoke :) ha!

PS: I have a similar story to Khistian's.

Gaines DuVall


wrote …

Great to hear Fernando on here. They are doing all the right things at SFCF, including pushing the limits of their athletes, building community in South Florida and keeping it in the Family.

Good commentary on the nuts and bolts of building an Endurance Team.

Keep it up!

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