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CrossFit Radio, Episode 142 by Justin Judkins - CrossFit Journal

CrossFit Radio, Episode 142

By Justin Judkins

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October 20, 2010

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On Episode 142 of CrossFit Radio, host Justin Judkins talked to CrossFitting college student David Hagerty about his plans for doing a U.S. tour of CrossFit affiliates. CrossFit Southside owner Justin Bergh also came on to talk about running an affiliate. This episode was webcast live at 6 p.m. PDT on Wednesday, Oct. 20, 2010.

5:30 The next six months are going to be busy ones for David Hagerty. He will graduate from Iowa State University in December and then plans on taking a trip across the United States, visiting 40 or 50 CrossFit affiliates on his tour. He explained that he’s doing this for educational purposes and plans on meticulously documenting the entire trip so he has a broad reference of coaching styles, business and marketing strategies, and community-building materials that will help him in his future CrossFit endeavors.

25:25 HQ staff member and CrossFit Southside owner Justin Bergh came on the show to offer different tips and strategies for building a successful business. He talked about running an affiliate when the owner has a busy schedule, and he gave advice on how to hire the right trainer/coach. He also explained how his business is structured and why he felt the need to bring on an additional coach. Justin also shared his philosophy on effective programming and what he believes an affiliate owner should focus on as he or she programs for an affiliate.

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8 Comments on “CrossFit Radio, Episode 142”


wrote …


What box did you get your level 1 at near Chicago? While your out this way stop by CF Arlington Heights,(Elite Athletic Development). We are about 30 miles from the city. I think your journey sounds great! It will be an experience that will stick with you forever.


wrote …

I actually got my cert at your box! I'm sorry for not introducing myself. I will shoot you an email, and give you some more info as I continue to plan. Your facility and hospitality was great, and I forgot to pick up a shirt,(I'll probably have loads when this is over, maybe trumping my food costs) so I want to do that as well. I'll look you up on Facebook, that seems to be a good avenue to stay in contact as well.

As for the episode, I think I need to work on my "ya knows"! Thanks for the support.



wrote …

Although I'm not the owner of CF Arlington Heights I'm a proud member and trainer. I know they would love to have you stop by. I got my cert the same weekend as you this past summer. Once again good luck on your travels and take care bro.


wrote …

Really enjoyed the show. Sounds like David is going to have a blast, and the interiview with Justin was one of my favourites. Lots of insight into running a box, coaching, recognising talent in others...CF Southside must be an awesome place...


wrote …

This was great. Especially cuz my start was with Crossfit Southside. They opened a world to me that was just theory for 3 yrs prior.


wrote …

Hey all, thanks for listening. I agree CF Southside would be a great place to train. Justin is a great guy and incredibly knowledgeable. I think we'd all like to take a cross country tour of Affiliates and I'd make sure that visiting Southside was a priority.


wrote …

I really enjoyed listening to this episode. I workout at Crossfit Southside and could not of ask for a better coach then having Justin and Chris. Also having Chris on was a great move on Justin's part could not ask for a better coach. If anyone has a chance to stop by at Southside please do.


wrote …

Justin, is there a reason I can't find any episodes after 141 on iTunes?

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