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The Disposable Heroes WOD by Brad Mckee - CrossFit Journal

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October 04, 2010

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What kind of motivation do you bring to your WOD? Perhaps you think of fulfilling your own goals, triumphing over your past experiences or beating your fellow athletes in the heat of competition. The WOD held on Aug. 27, 2010, at CrossFit Atlanta brought a different kind of motivation: helping those in need.

The Disposable Heroes WOD was held as part of a fundraiser designed by Marines Sgt. Brad Mckee. The Disposable Heroes Project promotes events to raise money and awareness for wounded veterans. In Atlanta, athletes had to dig deep to finish the grueling WOD designed to share a fraction of the pain wounded soldiers face. Finishing was a triumph not only for the athlete but also for the cause.

Visit the Disposable Heroes Project website to learn how you can support the cause and host or attend a WOD near you.

8min 43sec

Additional reading: Fallen but Never Forgotten by Russell Berger, published May 30, 2010.

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11 Comments on “The Disposable Heroes WOD”


wrote …

Great work Brad and awesome idea. I see your project gaining a lot of momentum and hopefully more and more money can be raised for our wounded troopers. In a nation where Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohen get headlines instead of dying and injured Airmen, Soldier, Sailors and Marines its good to know there are guys like Brad out there making sure these guys are taken care of and not forgotten. Very cool to see some CrossFit legends taking part!
BTW love the video...very inspiring.
CPT Kyle Sela
Brigade Physical Therapist
1st BDE, 1st Armored Div
FT Bliss, TX


wrote …

As a proud Marine Corps Veteran amputee. That is motivating!!!

Ben Lunak
3rd battalion 7th Marines
ramadi iraq 05/06


Sean Villagracia wrote …

This video got me so amped up! It makes me proud to live in this country, proud to be a part of this awesome community of people who do stuff like this for Wounded Warriors, Barbells for Boobs, and Disposable Heroes! Not to mention it has me all wound up to head to the box tonight and give it all I've got!

What an amazing idea, Brad! Keep it going, you rock!


wrote …

Good work Marine! This is definitely motivating!

By the way, love the t-shirt...where can we get one?


wrote …

If this isn't on YouTube it needs to be. Everyone needs to see this.


wrote …

This is a part of why I Crossfit. As a former squid,I say good job jarhead but in the end, we are all on the same team.


wrote …

Semper Fi - Devil Dog! Keep up the good work and CrossFit Native will be there to do anything we can to help out!


Michael Krivka wrote …

Outstanding Brad! I hope that we can meet up when I am in Atlanta later this year doing a Kettlbells For Warriors event to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project. Keep up the intensity and the motivation! Semper Fi


wrote …

Brad, you are a stellar example of a human being! You passion and leadership are truly inspiring! All the best.


replied to comment from Liz Higgins

And boy, can I just say that CrossFit does a body good! Nice.


wrote …

Great WOD shooter! It took me to another level after taking a couple weeks off due to a back injury. I finished it in 45:13

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