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Double Fran by Graham Holmberg - CrossFit Journal

Double Fran

By Graham Holmberg

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October 16, 2010

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Does this describe your own Fran experience?

“My legs got wobbly and I said, ‘I feel like a newborn horse.’”

2010 CrossFit Games champion Graham Holmberg said that, only he didn’t say it after Fran. He said it after double Fran.

Never one to back down from a challenge or be intimidated by a workout, Holmberg took on double Fran—but why? For elite competitors like Holmberg, Fran just isn’t the same workout it used to be. For top athletes, they need to feed their adrenaline addiction and chase the next great challenge.

Find out how important mental training is to elite competition and how Holmberg uses it to strategize for his workouts. According to Holmberg, “You gotta know how long or how quick you can recover and keep going again.”

The full workout, previously featured in The Champ, can also be watched here: [wmv] [mov].

9min 24sec

Additional reading: The Story of Fran by Greg Glassman, published Dec. 24, 2009.

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16 Comments on “Double Fran”


wrote …

"Your not breaking anything in a workout. Your just breathing hard." great quote.


Joey Dussel wrote …

Is Double Fran 21-15-9-21-15-9 or 21-21-15-15-9-9??
Does anyone know what kind of shoes that Graham is wearing are?


wrote …

its 21-15-9-21-15-9


wrote …

Yeah, thanks a lot, Graham. Now we have a vision of the next level for Crossfit; intentionally breaking bones in order to maximize the suck.

Pretty soon we'll have "Broken Fran," where a buddy hits you in the shins with a 2x4 while you do your thrusters. You're not really pushing it until your shins are both broken. Doing Fran unbroken will be considered a bad thing. :-)


wrote …

Triple and Quadruple Fran are next for these amazing CrossFitters,


wrote …

Joey, Graham is wearing Nike Romaleos. They're weightlifting shoes and are available only though Rogue Fitness.


wrote …

Reach your hand as high into the air as you can.

Okay, now reach just a little bit higher.

I thought you were reaching as high as you can? See?


Ben Poss wrote …

that dude is an animal.


wrote …

Next it will be complete as many frans in 2o min!!!!


wrote …

I'm guessing gaming Double-Fran may have produced a faster time. Doing a 2:30 Fran led to a 6:00 Fran to follow. What would happen if one with Grahams capacity would try two 4:00 minute Frans back to back cutting 30 seconds off the overall time? I'm not going to attempt it, mainly because I don't have a 2:30 Fran to start with, but some Firebreather should take the Double-Fran challenge.


wrote …

We talked about if he gamed the workout he could do it faster. He's just putting himself in failure and trying to put his boundries out with a workout like this. He does that alot, he"ll row all out 2k's then go into amrap wod's dead tired. His ability to keep picking himself up out of exhaustion is pretty incredible.


replied to comment from Joey Dussel

he is wearing the nike romaleos. rogue sells them. they were introduced during the beijing olympics and not really sold to the masses. rogue i think is the first. if you have deep pockets i would pick up a pair.


wrote …

Hey Brandon,
That's interesting!
I've once looked through the archives of and back in 2003 or something a lot of workouts involved completing a task and aftewards doing some strength thing etc.. etc... seems like the .com programming shiftet away from it a bit.
Interesting to know that Graham does stuff like that!!!


wrote …

The box I go to recently did a 20 min Fran AMRAP, it was disgustingly painful. There is nothing more mentally demoralizing than finishing the sets of 9 and staring at the set of 21 again. I think we had two athletes get 3 frans in the 20 mins.


wrote …

This is amazing. The funning thing is and I can only laugh about it now as I certainly was not when I did it.

When I first started out doing Crossfit (and let me say that I would not say I was really unfit but I certainly was not and still am not anywhere near the performance of any of the top athletes). One of my first workouts happened to be Fran, not knowing any better I did 21-15-9 followed by 21-15-9 and then died not completing what was what I thought at the time was the third round. I remember thinking to myself man I need to do some work. (amazing what you think when you don't know any better.

I continued to Crossfit and once again Fran came round and I was determined that I was going to complete it once again thinkin that 21-15-9 was one round. Well as you can imagine I didn't complete got two Frans done as before and died. It was this time round that while looking at scores on the comments board I posted my first comment, something along the lines of "I'm so unfit I can't Complete 1 round in the times some of your guys are doing the three rounds" It was then at this point that a couple of very kind Crossfiters pointed out what 'Fran' Really was. I felt very stupid and did not post anything for a long time :-) LOL. Watching this I look back and feel less stupid

I have since done 'Fran' a few more times and am down to 6 mins.

Nice Work Graham great Champion


wrote …

I got the nickname "Franiel" from doing Fran 3 times in a row when I first started doing CrossFit. I thought I had to do 3 rounds of 21-15-9.

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