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CrossFit Games Competitor For Life by Graham Holmberg - CrossFit Journal

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October 07, 2010

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CrossFit Games champion Graham Holmberg has earned a lifetime Games entry for his 2010 win. What does it mean to never have to qualify again? For Holmberg, it means everything.

The reality of competition is that one can train to be ready, but any number of things can go wrong, crushing expectations and even costing that person a whole year of preparation. The absence of each competitive step between Holmberg and the Games means he can stay healthier without the taxing demands of the qualifiers and the subsequent training setbacks for recovery after each round of qualification. Find out how Holmberg compares the 2010 Games to the 2009 Games, in which he placed 19th, and how he’ll shift his focus now that he doesn’t have to go through the competitive filter.

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3 Comments on “CrossFit Games Competitor For Life”


wrote …

Speaking of the 2011 Games...

Is there any news about them??? Last year, the first announcement for 2010 games (sectionals, regionals, etc. ) was on September 8th, 2009.


wrote …

Love to hear from Graham. He is right about sectionals and regionals too! Man! When you have to do both....if you make it to the end up with pretty much a 5 month "ON" season. For me, it is more mental and emotional than anything else.

Guess it pays to be a winner...and he deserves it!



wrote …

Couldnt agree more. You really have 3 more months to shore up weaknesses, work on technique, try new training methods. when you train for the qualifiers you might be able to work on it a little, but then the overall training, and taper period really hampers that development (at least for me it did).

Way to go Graham. Good luck in 2011!!

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