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October 26, 2010

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“I want your goals to fire you up so much that you can barely fall asleep at night because you’re so compelled to continue to work towards your goal and in the morning you pop out of bed because the first thing you want to do is get out there and work towards the accomplishment of your goal.”

Can you imagine being that passionate about your goals? Let Greg Amundson inspire you.

The Original Firebreather, Amundson shares his insight into the mental part of CrossFit through his Goal Setting and Positive Self-Talk seminar. In the last segment, Defining Your Terms, Amundson set the groundwork for creating specific goals. Today he discusses how to pursue your goals. According to Amundson, goals require motivation, inspiration and direction. Despite any setbacks along the journey to reach your goals, you should continue working toward them and always keep them in sight.

Do you have your own goals in sight?

6min 47sec

Additional reading: Coaching the Mental Side of CrossFit by Greg Amundson, published July 7, 2010.

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7 Comments on “Positive Self-Talk: Focusing on Your Goals”


Absolutely inspiring, as usual!

I love this idea and have embraced this way of thinking most of my adult life. I tell my students and my athletes that if you "goal" for what you know you can achieve you will, even if successful, often feel as if you've underachieved. And you have! Reach for the ceiling and you might eventually meet it; reach for the sky and well you are moving in the right direction regardless of whether you touch it!

Greg, you continue to inspire me, my team and my family! Keep it up brother!


wrote …

Great talk Greg!

I have heard this point many times, but the "look where you want to go" vs. "where are you going" drove the point home. When you think of change in this way, it seems much easier. All you have to do is pick a direction and move your mind toward it. Everything else will follow.


wrote …

When skiing in the woods, look at the spaces between the tree, because that is where you truely want to be.


Zach Even - Esh wrote …

How true of looking where you want to go, I do this when mountain biking and do this with my own training, my athletes training and my business.

Greg is the man, psyched to have him coming to The Underground soon!!!

I've got my goals written on white boards in my home office and on my mind all the time

I'm done typing, time to get to work!!!!!

Thnx, Greg!


wrote …

This makes me hungry for a full seminar!


wrote …

They tell us the same thing in different when we are preparing for a jump.. "Keep your eyes on the horizon and if you notice you're chute is drifting toward treeline, quickly look away to a clear, safe area to land in, and you will land there."


wrote …

different words*

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