Chasing the Title

By Jason Khalipa, Joey Warren and Gabe Subry

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October 03, 2010

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What if you don’t win the title “Fittest on Earth”? What comes next? Join 2010 CrossFit Games competitors Jason Khalipa, 16th-place finisher and 2008 champion; Joey Warren, 13th-place finisher; and Gabe Subry, 24th-place finisher, as they ponder these questions and reminisce about their Games experiences.

After the Games, each of these competitors took a brief vacation before going right back to the gym to hit WODs with renewed intensity. Through his experiences this year, each gained valuable insight into how to train for next year. In addition to addressing physical weaknesses, these athletes are attempting to hurdle the mental aspects of competition, including self-doubt, over-excitement and too much speed.

Over the next year, constant improvement is the overarching goal as these top athletes work to put themselves in position to grasp that elusive title.

Video by Again Faster.

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Additional reading: Fittest on Earth by Mike Warkentin, published July 28, 2010.

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7 Comments on “Chasing the Title”


wrote …

Jason said it, "Do CrossFit!".


wrote …

Khalipa did win that title already................


wrote …

After the 2009 games many competitors worked on their running and double or triple days became standard, just because people counted on the the 2010 games to have a running/endurane event and to have the same high amount of events as 2009.

But after the 2010 games we can conclude that this year was all about skill, Rope climbs, ring-handstandpushups, muscle ups in the very first event and all workouts were basicly Crossfit couplet och triplets. So now the thought on how to do well in the games is to do crossfit workouts, couplets and triplets, and practise your skills.

but what if they change it up again next year?

the unknowable :)


wrote …

crossfit is awesome and all the competitors rock!

do what you do for as long as you can do it!


wrote …

1.heat CFG 2011.
AMRAP in 20 min
10 x inlocate on rings
10 x back toss to handstand on parallel bars
50m swim


wrote …

I love it! All great guys. Khalipa is the best..."I don't think, I just move!" That is why we love you J. No one else can put up with pain like you can...sometimes it isn't pretty, but it's always everything you have and it's inspiring!



wrote …

Thanks Joey i like your take on it - "I Like This."

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