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The Fittest Girl by Sevan Matossian - CrossFit Journal

The Fittest Girl

By Sevan Matossian

In Athletes, CrossFit Games, HD Videos

October 10, 2010

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Who is Kristan Clever? We may know her as the Fittest Woman on Earth, winner of the 2010 CrossFit Games, but she’s much more than that. Follow Sevan Matossian on this introspective journey into the life of the women’s champ.

Driven by the happiness that shines through in her ever-present smile, Clever is a competitive athlete at the top of her game. Her success is perhaps due to her high volume of training and her commitment to attacking her weaknesses and pushing through even the most undesirable workouts.

It’s clear Clever thrives on competition. She works out at Valley CrossFit with the same intensity she had in the Games, and having seventh-place Games finisher Rebecca Voigt as her training partner helps Clever step up her game.

Despite her overall skills, Clever likes the fact that she’s not the best at everything: “I can’t be No. 1 at everything all the time. If I was then … where would I go from there?”

In this feature-length look at the champion, learn more about Clever’s workout strategy and mental poise, and find out how this top-caliber athlete even now continues to improve her fitness.

Additional reading: Fittest on Earth by Mike Warkentin, published July 28, 2010

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12 Comments on “The Fittest Girl”


Frank DiMeo wrote …

Great hear Kristan's insights!
Her humility is a great strength.


wrote …

Awesome! Very inspiring.


wrote …

So interesting to learn more about the champ. Kristan, your so casual about your accomplishments. Great work and great attitude!


wrote …

Inspiring and great motivation for us in Oz. Cant wait to get to USA and train in that gym.


wrote …

Kristen your awesome! Just a spectacular champ that is unworldly good. Keep doing what your doing that "professional" stuff is coming.


wrote …

Nice video.


wrote …

such a great video! awesome display a true champion from the inside out!


wrote …

Kris Clever is one of the nicest, most professional, and hardest working athletes I have ever met. Her genuine enthusiasm for Crossfit is infectious, and although this statement is fast becoming cliche, in her case I believe it is true: Crossfit is very lucky to have Kris, and is a better community because of her.


wrote …

She's fascinating...and she just keeps getting better!


wrote …

Great video and truly an amazing attitude you have! Hopefully I can work out with you guys sometime. Looking forward to meeting you again... =)


Bill Ellsworth wrote …

Living in the present frees up a lot of energy. Kristen had her eyes forward and is task-focused. Inspiring!


wrote …

Great video. Kristan is awesome and I can't wait to see her compete in the future.

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