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October 27, 2010

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Mobility and recovery expert Kelly Starrett has a lot of unique ways to improve a client’s range of motion and flexibility without traditional static stretching. By using some basic principles of physical therapy coupled with around-the-house objects, Starrett takes a few athletes at CrossFit Santa Cruz through a series of two-minute drills aimed at improving their performance.

In Part 6, Starrett explains that an anterior shoulder position is very common and can cause mechanical problems. One of the ways to address this problem is to get the shoulder back in the socket, which you can do by lying down and using your opposite arm to put gentle pressure into the shoulder capsule through a raised elbow. Essentially, it’s mobilization in a position of restriction, and it might increase both your range of motion and your performance.

If you want to take things further, you can use a kettlebell held above your body as it would be in the very first stages of a Turkish get-up. Hold that position for two minutes per side, and you might find some new liberty in your shoulder. If you want to go “Level 5 ninja” and take things further still, put a lacrosse ball under your shoulder, bite your lip, elevate the kettlebell and get down to serious business.

For daily mobility drills, visit Starrett’s MobilityWod.

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Additional reading: Your Form Sucks by Dr. John Zimmer, published May 22, 2010.



7 Comments on “Two-Minute Drills Part 6: Back of the Socket”


wrote …

The MWOD is so hot right now.


Chris Sinagoga wrote …

way to rip off the classic Chuck Norris Joke haha.

yet another great video form KStar. the amount of information this guy gives away at little to no price is awesome. thanks for mobilizing the entire CrossFit community


Zach Even - Esh wrote …

Man do we ALL Need K Starr, I feel like this video was made just 4 me, ha ha!

Gonna crank this tomorrow.

Can't thank K Starr enough because REALLY, what are we without our health?

We are Nothing.

Thnx CF and BIG Thnx K Starr!!!



wrote …

Thanks K Star,
being following you daily on your mobility WOD and so as my athletes, keep up the great work.

CrossFit Eclipse


wrote …

K Star,
Always love watching your stuff. its thanks to his stuff that has let me train injury free for so long and I have seen some huge gains in almost all my lifts.


wrote …

kSTAR!!!! rockin' as usual buddy!


wrote …

Solid as always and perfect timing once again.
Yes, swimmers can tend do a crappy job stretching and not be stretching what they think they are.
Rock on--

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