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Living the CrossFit Life by Dr. Allison Belger - CrossFit Journal

Living the CrossFit Life

By Dr. Allison Belger

In Athletes, Rest Day/Theory

October 12, 2010

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CrossFit has become an integral part of the lives of athletes, coaches and affiliate owners. Dr. Allison Belger interviews CrossFit athletes from different walks of life to find out just how much CrossFit affects us.

Ever notice that we CrossFitters tend to talk about CrossFitting a lot? Do you ever find yourself wondering what you used to talk about before you started CrossFitting?

I’ve written before that I think CrossFitting with consistency and intensity both requires and evokes emotional commitment. For many, it is too challenging and transformative to engage in casually. It makes us vulnerable and forces us far beyond our zones of comfort. It makes us reckon with decisions we make about eating and sleeping. It makes us consider all our excuses for not being as fit as we’d like. It gets our competitive juices flowing and encourages us to set higher goals for what our bodies can do.

Well, it’s no wonder that we can’t stop talking about it.

I decided to explore some of the psychological aspects of CrossFitting with three athletes who are part of my CrossFit community at TJ’s Gym in Northern California. I interviewed these three very different people, asking questions about their experiences as CrossFitters and about how their lives outside of CrossFit connect with their performance in the gym.

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6 Comments on “Living the CrossFit Life”


wrote …

I heart Dr. Allison.



wrote …

Brilliant. I can relate to almost every single thing said in this article. I am in my first year of college and I am the only crossfitter I know of so far. I feel like a fish out of water sometimes in terms of how I workout, but then I remember I'm in better shape than everyone and I don't care anymore. Crossfit has taught me to push through every obstacle that comes my way, and if something hard does come, I think of it as a WOD and enjoy the challenge... I love the suck!


wrote …

Great article, as said above, I can relate to everything said here. I am a professional basketball player in Greece, and the only basketball player I know that is a Crossfitter. It makes my basketball game better, it makes my life outside of basketball better, it makes me better. I have never been so "into" anything before, and I'd like to thank the Crossfit community for that! Does anyone else check the journal at least 5 times a day??


wrote …

This is such a great article. There is something about Crossfit that causes you to focus so much of your life on it. The first thing I think about in the morning is what the WOD is going to be and how I am going to tackle it. I spend my lunch breaks searching through articles in the Journal and watching CF videos. So much of the day is consumed with Crossfit. Lately, I even find myself scheduling every thing else around Crossfit.


wrote …

I have personally been crossfitting off and on for 3 years now but only recently dedicated to crossfitting and my sport of choice (handball) only 5 months ago. I love the different workout everyday philosophy and the high intensity it requires. I am also the only one I know who crossfits regularly and also find myself talking about it ALL THE TIME! And yes...I too check the web site several times a day! Thank you all for the BEST GIFT EVER that you have given so many people who are all better athletes and people for being crossfitters! Thank again!


wrote …

Though I have been Crossfitting on and off for about 2 years, I have FULLY embraced it over the past 8 months. Every time someone begins to talk about fitness or nutrition, I invariably bring up Crossfit and find myself unable to stop talking about it. The frequent looks of confusion/intrigue I receive only prompts me to continue to spew forth everything I have learned about Crossfit. I think this article really does justice to those of us who eat, drink and sleep the Crossfit lifestyle. Thank you Dr. Allison for putting into words what so many of us experience day in and day out.

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