Combative Practical Shooting: Part 2

By Dave Re and Dave Castro

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October 11, 2010

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What is it like to perform at a high level in a sport like practical shooting?

“There’s this feeling that you get of just being calm and centered and in the moment,” says Dave Re, a CrossFitter out of CrossFit Central and a grand master with the United States Practical Shooting Association.

Join Re and Dave Castro, CrossFit’s Co-Director of Training, as they continue their shooting experience at the Austin Rifle Club. In Part 1, Re and Castro tested their firing skills, mobility and speed as they began the practical shooting course. In Part 2, they continue with the course as targets get progressively more challenging.

Does CrossFit translate to proficiency in the sport of practical shooting? Find out as veteran Re takes newcomer Castro on a test of his shooting skills and CrossFit training.

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Additional reading: The Mental Marksman by Tes Salb, published Dec. 1, 2007.

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13 Comments on “Combative Practical Shooting: Part 2 ”


wrote …

"newcomer Castro"

Made me laugh, god knows how many rounds he's put downrange in his day.


wrote …

Rock on Dave! Nice shooting! What kind of pistol are you shooting? I heard 9MM but what make/model?


Zach Forrest wrote …

Dave is a better shot than he is letting on ;-)


wrote …

I wish there will be more on this in the future! Awesome video, I compete in IPSC, and this video is a pure joy to watch, thanks!


wrote …

@Zach... Which Dave? LOL... Thanks for the great workout tonight, man :-)


replied to comment from Glenn Hyzak


From the previous video Dave Re said that Castro is shooting a Sig P226 X-Five 9mm.

Where are the match results at? I looked all over Austin Rifle Clubs website and couldn't find anything.


wrote …

That looks fun!


wrote …

I can't wait to see what comes next. Castro... good shooting brother, but then again, you aint no civi... Re.. you are fucking awesome with that weapoon. Would love to sit and watch you shoot just to try and pick up some pointers. Oh and one more thing... HOW THE HELL DO I GET YOUR JOB??? :-)
Have a good day gentlemen, and again, great shooting, great video.
Justin Key
CrossFit Coweta


wrote …

@Nathaniel - the results used to be available at - but they updated that website very recently, and match results seem to be missing entirely. I can't find them even using the old link I had. Dave was 30th out of 75 total competitors (across all equipment divisions).

@Justin - we'll make it happen sometime :-) How do you get my job? I wish that was my day job! :-D Someday, perhaps! Let me know if there's anything I can do for you ;-)

I just returned from Vegas for our 2010 Nationals competition - finished 21st out of 271 in my division (around 370 total competitors), and I won one stage. I'd set a goal to finish top 16, so I'm a little disappointed I didn't get there, but my physical conditioning was certainly not to blame. This was a tough match from a mental standpoint, and it punished severely any lapse in focus. Definitely have some things to take away and work on for my last big match of the season in Phoenix next month!

Dave Re


wrote …

Great stuff keep this series coming.


wrote …

I was thrilled to see a crossfitter at the range, it would be nice to see a few more IPSC shooters at crossfit. Nice job, look like a natural. I'm not familiar with the Sig you are shooting, can you use it in production class?


wrote …


Depending on what model of X-Five he is shooting would determine what class he would be competing in. You can check out the USPSA - NROI Production Gun List @

Your weapon of choice isn't the only determining factor to what class you will compete in. Things like using high capacity magazines, magwells or limited/open style holsters will bump you up to limited or limited-10 from production class.

Here is the link to the most current rule book if you want to check out all the specifics.


wrote …

Dave's Sig is either an X-Five or an X-Five Competition (can't remember which). It's not eligible for Production division, as it's single action only. The X-Five Allround is the only X-Five variant that is Production legal. Dave can shoot Limited, Limited-10, or Open with his gun, and is shooting Limited (at minor power factor) in the match in these videos.

Excluding the X-Fives, basically every other Sig can play in Production, as you can see from the link Nathaniel provided. :-)

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