Combative Practical Shooting: Part 3

By Dave Re and Dave Castro

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October 29, 2010

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In our final segment of this series, Dave Re, a United States Practical Shooting Association grand master, leads Dave Castro through the final challenges at the Austin Rifle Club’s practical shooting course.

In Part 1, Re introduced Castro to the sport of practical shooting as they began the course. In Part 2, they continued through the course as the obstacles challenged not only their shooting skills but also their speed, mobility and agility. In Part 3, the pair finish the course and come face to face with the toughest challenges yet.

CrossFit has helped many athletes achieve success in their sport, and Re explains that his performance has improved since he started CrossFit.

“I’ve gotten a lot stronger. My sprint times have come down quite a bit, and I’m actually pretty darn fast on my feet now relative to what I was before,” Re says.

8min 12sec

Additional reading: CrossFit’s Right on Target by Dave Re, published March 29, 2009.

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4 Comments on “Combative Practical Shooting: Part 3”


wrote …

Looks fun, I should check this type of stuff out.


wrote …

Makes me want to shoot. Great video.


wrote …

Makes me hungry to shoot USPSA again. Fun, fun, fun.


wrote …

Loving the videos... Dave, I hope someone is beating some reload strategy into you... Standing reloads = bad! Game the stage, and reload on the move.

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