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October 20, 2010

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Many of CrossFit’s best have gathered in Lake Tahoe for the Team Rogue vs. Team Again Faster competition that will feature six CrossFit Games champions, in addition to superstars such as Chris Spealler, Rich Froning Jr. and Heather Bergeron.

Dave Castro, CrossFit’s Co-Director of Training, was on hand to oversee the event and challenged top 2010 Games competitor Camille Leblanc-Bazinet to an informal 2-minute double-under duel. CLB is an extraordinarily fit athlete, but Castro’s double-under technique is very efficient ... .

2009 champ Mikko Salo also got in on the action. After the Games, the Finn vowed to get better at the sometimes-frustrating skill and spent the next few months practicing double-unders every day. Interestingly, he said improvements in skipping produced improvements in his box jumps and running.

Of course, no challenge is complete without an appearance by the reigning king of the Games, and 2010 champion Graham Holmberg showed up at the dock to give the double-under challenge a try.

10min 26sec

Additional reading: The Chink in My Armor by Greg Amundson, published Sept. 16, 2009.

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16 Comments on “CrossFit’s Elite vs. Double-Unders”


Sean Villagracia wrote …

Awesome show by Graham! I wish I could be there! I love Tahoe and I'd love to meet them all! Great stuff! Can't wait to see more from this event.


wrote …

Hell yeah Dave!!!! Double unders are a state of mind.


wrote …

It says Mikko was the 2010 games champion. He is in fact the 2009 champion.


wrote …

That performance by Dave was amazing! Welcome to beautiful Lake Tahoe... where I get to live year-round! :)


wrote …

Looks like fun!


wrote …

is there is something that Dave castro can do is double unders, weighted pull ups and GHD sit ups. nice show guys.


wrote …

Good vid. Looking forward to more of these for sure! That many superstars in one place makes for an awesome time.

About 2 months of DU training for Mikko. Ya that's what I did pretty much exactly and now I'm quite proficient at them at least to where they no longer eat time in a workout but can actually help me cut time off. And Mikko's right, when you get better at DU's everything gets faster.

Good show Graham, that's sick.


yeah and it says that Holmberg was the 2009 champ...


wrote …

I am sitting her loling in my office.

"What's going on here?"
Mikko- "I think there is competition with double under." [look of fear]


wrote …

crazyness.... soooo cool!
way to go Dave!

everyone is so badass.
time to add the DU's to my warmup :)


wrote …

I'd like to see speal give 2 min aramp double unders a shot


wrote …

I got 6th at the games this year, not 10th. Thanks for an awesome competition this week, guys!



wrote …

What rope was Dave using?


wrote …

Great vid, but I think Bre could take em...check 0:40 - 1:17


wrote …

Got me inspired. Next time, have the jumper do the DU's parallel with the boards on the deck. The rope gets caught in the gap if you are perpendicular.


replied to comment from Steve Howell

@ Steve Howell
There' s already a vid of Chris doing a 2min AMRAP DU. He did 251 DU in 2 minutes!!! SICK performance to see.
Check the vid in the link below.

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