Analyzing the 105s

By Mike Burgener, Kendrick Farris and Tony Budding

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October 08, 2010

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“I’m lovin’ this idea … It’s only going to bring more exposure to weightlifting, and I think it’s going to be great for both sports.”

If anyone is skeptical about a CrossFit-USAW partnership, it isn’t Kendrick Farris.

Farris, who finished eighth in the 85-kg class at the Beijing Olympics, was on hand at the recent CrossFit-USAW Open in Colorado Springs, Colo., and he was impressed with the event and its participants. Also wearing a headset for the live broadcast was Coach Mike Burgener, whose son Casey and daughter-in-law Natalie are also elite lifters.

In this video shot during the 105-kg men’s class at the Open, Farris and Coach B join Tony Budding to talk about the event and analyze the technique of the competitors lifting on the platform.

For complete results, visit the USAW website.

12min 05sec

Additional reading: Light Weight? by Mike Warkentin, published Oct. 2, 2010.

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17 Comments on “Analyzing the 105s”


Darren Coughlan wrote …

Great video!


wrote …

One of the best coaching videos I have seen.... Thanks CF journal... Again this site proves its value - as it does every day. The cross-pollination of CF and Olympic Weightlifting is great. From our CF box here in Australia, where CF is interactive with the code of Rugby Union - we too are seeing benefits of olympic lifting with the athletes (players) and the results are transparent on the field. To hear the commentary from Coach B and Harris is priceless - the little 1%'s - They are the gems/cues that every athlete can pocket and then put into play..Thanks CF journal


wrote …

That was cool.

Very instructive and much easier to consume than the archived live feeds.

Any chance of any more?


wrote …

nice shirt on kendrick. Syn will comment in the next ten post


wrote …

Simply amazing. We need more, a lot more, of this style of video coaching for O lifting. More please!


wrote …

I agree, that was very cool!


wrote …

more please! this is much better than the live feed for getting into the details of the technique


wrote …

This type of video is absolutely priceless. I would watch hours and hours of this type of footage with this type of cometary. To be able to see real lifts and have world class coaches/lifters breaking them down is so helpful in trying to self-analyze and correct my own short comings as well as become more proficient at coaching my athletes.

This event was by far the most fun thing I have ever competed in. Huge thanks to everyone who made this possible., we can't even thank you all enough. If there was one of these every month I would probably go bankrupt trying to make it to all of them.


wrote …

Great video. The observations and coaching points are clear and accessible. Also, Burgener's and Farris' love of the sport make it a joy to watch.
Very well done.


wrote …

Come on people.... this is the rendez-vous of BAD FORMS!!!!!
Lets admit it!!!!
Lets go back to the basics!!!!!
Even Kendrick Farris is only being kind.


replied to comment from Cerveau Gauche


What part of "Amateur" Weightlifting do you not understand?

It's not supposed to be a demonstration of perfect form, its supposed to be an opportunity to compete on an AMATEUR level, to enjoy the sport and get better at it.

The fact that Kendrick Farris gives positive feedback to AMATEUR lifters shows that he is a humble, generous and amazing lifter.

You have missed the point my friend by a 'country mile'.

Great video, thoroughly enjoyed watching it :-)


replied to comment from Cerveau Gauche

I thought that's what we could use this for, as a tool to learn what to work on.
The other people commenting got that.

Dude, you need to chill or go watch a few amateur/local weightlifting contests, and preferably both at the same time. You'll see much much worse form than this at most amateur events.

What you won't see is, what was it, 60+ competitors?
You might see 20 across all of the weight classes if you're lucky.

Heck, I've seen worse form in coverage of the Olympics.
You sir have an attitude problem and it's showing.


wrote …

"cranking that lawnmower", haha

Great video. Farris and Burgener commenting? awesome


replied to comment from Craig Massey

If you are an amateur, dont do 50 snatches with what you know is a bad form.

If they can't do it well with one rep, what happens when they do it with 50 reps?

LESS QUANTITY when it comes to olympic weightlifiting, MORE QUALITY!!!


wrote …

Great video. Super informative!


replied to comment from Cerveau Gauche

By that logic, if I can't do a snatch perfectly the first time I attempt one, then I should give up?

I would think that "More Quantity = More Quality", but that's just me. BTW I also believe that "Practice makes Perfect" and that USAW deserves the athletes that Crossfit has to offer and that Crossfit Athletes deserves the credence and validation that USAW had to offer. It's an imperfect but synergistic relationship.


replied to comment from Brandon Berry

But you missed my point. With Crossfit, the athletes lift heavy weights using olympic lifting movements for a lot of reps. The forms are scary and injuries will eventually occur, if they have not already.
MORE QUALITY = spend LOTS of time mastering the movement first before venturing in the realm of heavy weights. Even with heavy weights, Dont do lots of reps.
I know the USAW is desperate for publicity in a country that does not care much about olympic wieghts lifting.
I have lived in countries where it is almost the main sport. I have spoken to some of the best coaches in the world. They all will tell you that lots of reps with heavy weights ( even with light weights) using poor forms is a recipe for disaster now or in the long run. We are only humans. I know Crossfit gives you the impression that we are supermen but lets stay grounded!
That applies to anything in sports.
I am sure you saw the videos of the regionals. If that did not scare you, I dont know what will.
I dont care who tells you otherwise. Please you have a mind of your own....
Kendrick Farris needs desperately to work on his form.
Some of the best olympic weightlifters spent almosty their whole lives perfecting their forms...

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