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October 20, 2010

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Olympian Chad Vaughn’s opening snatch weight at the CrossFit-USAW Open was heavier than anyone else’s last attempt in the 85-kg class, and the Olympian did not disappoint when he stepped on the platform. Vaughn showed exactly why he’s a top lifter by nailing all three snatches and all three clean and jerks for a 313 total that was 46 kg greater than Josh Everett’s.

Vaughn’s quickness and power awed the crowd at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort and proved to all in attendance that a heavy Olympic lift is indeed a thing of beauty.

Perhaps the most obvious difference between Vaughn and the other lifters was his speed through the middle. Vaughn finishes his pull and seems to be under the bar instantaneously, whereas many athletes lack that speed in the turnover and can’t get under the bar fast enough.

“CrossFitters that are watching this right now, that’s the speed you have to have when you lift heavy weights, and you have to have that aggressive turnover,” Coach Mike Burgener explains.

For complete results, visit the USAW website.

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Additional reading: Light Weight? by Mike Warkentin, published Oct. 2, 2010.

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Those lifts were beautiful to watch. Great video.


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Man, he makes it look so easy. Awesome!


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Does anyone know where the results are from this meet?


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