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October 25, 2010

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What’s it like for a CrossFitter to compete in Olympic lifting? For Heather Bergeron of CrossFit New England, the CrossFit-USAW Open was an emotional experience.

“Well, I’m now known as the Comeback Kid,” Bergeron says.

Even under the guidance of Olympic-lifting coach Mike Burgener, Bergeron had a frustrating time with the snatch and did not register a successful lift.

“I honestly don’t know what went wrong,” Bergeron said.

After that harrowing experience, Bergeron went on to finish strong in the clean and jerk and subsequent CrossFit triplet. Overall, she finished sixth in her weight class. Despite the frustration of the snatch, Bergeron is proud to have met her original goal.

“I came into it with the attitude that I just wanted to take the time to really work on the lifts themselves and see how good I can get at them,” she said.

Learn more about Bergeron’s preparation and how she dealt with the challenges she faced.

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wrote …

Joe Mills, a name that might ring a bell to some of the weightlifting historians out there, was my coach during my college years, 25-plus years ago, when I was a competitor. At a meet he'd ask, (regarding my first snatch attempt) 'What do you think you can open with?'

I'd say, 'I think I can handle 95.' [kilo's, which is 209 pounds]

'Oh, well, if you THINK you can do 95, then you KNOW you can do 90, right?'

'Yep,' I'd have to admit, and 90 it would be.


wrote …

I think both of you girls look hot! And it's not creepy at all Heather.


Josh Groves wrote …

Haha, I love Miranda's final question.

Good answer Heather!

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