The Burgener Warm-Up

By Mike Burgener

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November 18, 2010

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Would you trade 2 minutes 38 seconds a day for a few PRs in the snatch or the clean and jerk?

If you would, then you need to start doing the Burgener Warm-Up and the skill-transfer exercises that follow it. The series of movements takes less than three minutes to perform and will help eliminate a host of form errors that can derail your lifts. By drilling the correct movements every single day, you will be creating new movement patterns that will come in handy when the weight is on the bar and the pressure is on.

4min 55sec

Additional reading: The Burgener Warmup by Mike Burgener and Tony Budding, published Jan. 1, 2007.

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9 Comments on “The Burgener Warm-Up”


wrote …

thanks coach !!


Hollis Molloy wrote …

Coach B is the best!


wrote …

Priceless...thx Coach B


wrote …

Outstanding, thanks Coach B!


wrote …

That was such a special treat, Coach B! Thanks for dropping in on our Oly Class at CFO and spending an hour on the Burgener Warm-Up with us. We're looking forward to seeing you in just a few weeks for the Oly Cert :)


wrote …

On the first motion of the Burger warm up, I always thought it was supposed to be the down/up from the hang position, with the torso starting over the bar in the hang, shoulders just in front of the bar. Everyone in the video looks like they're keeping their bodies upright at the bottom of the dip, more similar to the dip for a jerk.

Can someone with some more knowledge of the lifts shed some light for me here on which is the best way to practice (and does one style vs. another actually matter, as long as it's correct form)?


wrote …

Awesome stuff so helpful - thank you


wrote …

Thanks, Coach B.

My warm-up has changed 100 times in the last few years, but the Burgener warm-up has been the only unchanging element.


Chris Keith wrote …

Thank You Coach.

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