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November 17, 2010

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“I love it. It’s a life-changer. It’s the best thing in the world,” says Deborah Scarborough, a restaurant owner, chef and member of CrossFit Inferno.

Deborah came to CrossFit Inferno for its Transformation Challenge and stayed for the athleticism CrossFit has produced in her. She participated in the challenge and saw amazing results in just two months of eating Paleo combined with three to four CrossFit workouts per week.

Just shy of 50 years old, Deborah has lost 14 lb. and has had a major body-composition change clearly visible from her before and after photos. But it’s not only the body change that has her smiling.

“You just feel better,” she says.

What transformation has CrossFit helped you achieve?

6min 49sec

Additional audio: CrossFit Radio Episode 137 by Justin Judkins, published Sept. 15, 2010.

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11 Comments on “It Changed My Life: Deborah Scarborough”


wrote …

We could call this, "Why We CrossFit." It was great to see Rob's reaction Bill's explanation of Deborah's progress , as well. Can you imagine an elite marathoner or other professional athlete showing interest in a mid-packer? I think there are a lot of us out here who love seeing this stuff. Don't get me wrong, it's great to see the feats of strength from the likes of Dave and Rob for motivation and capturing interest in growing the Sport of CrossFit, but nothing fires me up more than seeing the other 99% of firebreathers who will never compete in the Games but bring a similar amount of dedication and motivation to their workouts and their lives. Thanks HQ!


wrote …

Wow what an incredible attitude. Deborah you are awesome and I will be excited to see the follow up to this video in 20 years when you are 70 and still going strong.


wrote …

I'm with you sister! I'm 52 and the oldest at CrossFit Confluence and do the 6am session 5 days per week. I'll be doing this till I drop which won't be for a very long time!


wrote …

Excellent vid.

I'm struck by the same thing that caught Tim Peterman's attention : Rob and Dave's reaction to Deborah's progress. We have our elites such as Rob and Dave, but the future of Crossfit will be determined by the every-day lives that it changes.


wrote …

I love this!! I am so glad that Deborah shared her story! I have a client who is 50 that i've been coaching for sometime now. She struggles with motivation from time to time and her 'demons' get her....I've posted this over on her facebook wall!! Its amazing how truly inspiring sharing your story is!! THANK YOU DEBORAH!! Keep being AMAZING!!!


wrote …

Thank you for this type of video! Like others its fun to see the elite workout and get glimpses of how they got to be a "one-percenter" but like others have said in the comments above its the "everyman" that makes up the bulk of the community and its forward facing persona. Let us hope that CFHQ and CF Journal never loses sight of the rest of us and keeps this type of programming along with movement and mobility based instruction in the forefront.

I liken it to the Olympics, it is great to watch and see the fittest of a sport to their thing but I attend orders of magnitude more events at the beginner or semi professional athlete level then I ever will at the Olympic level. If we want Crossfit to continue its amazing growth through association of the general athlete to the public we need to keep these kinds of stories on the tip of our tongue. The central fear is if we idolize the one-percenters too much we risk alienation of a whole group of current and potential crossfitters and miss our largest target market ... the generalist who wants to be fit and ready for anything at any time.

My $.02, thanks CFHQ and CFJournal for all you do ... keep it up!


wrote …

Awesome video, this is why CF is the best.


wrote …

Yeah, Deborah! All of us at the Inferno are very proud of you, and happy for your accomplishments. PS all you crossfitters...Deborah's restaurant is the best around!


wrote …

Deborah is CrossFit. Great video.


wrote …

NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICE! I'm with Anthony, we're all proud of Deborah! GIRL YOU ROCK! Thanks for repping us old farts at Inferno!


wrote …

Well done ma'am well done.
I only started CF about 4 months ago, coming from a fighting background, and her expression says all anyone needs to know about this sport/methodology. Positive, energetic, friendly non-agro competitive spirit.
Way to go Deborah!

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