Cops and Robbers Class

By Myles Lewis and Stephanie Frykberg

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November 27, 2010

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“I think I’ve always been into working out … but was looking for something different because it gets a little boring and approached them about having an early class to fit into my work schedule, and they accommodated us,” says CrossFitter and deputy Stephanie Frykberg.

Welcome to the 5 a.m. Cops and Robbers class at CrossFit Avalanche, which has been going strong for almost a year. The class consists of the deputy and her sergeant, some firefighters and other athletes. Coach and co-owner Myles Lewis tries to mix up the workouts to train his early bird athletes for real-life situations. For instance, he added one more round to the end of a five-round workout after athletes thought it was over.

“And they had to pick it all up, get it together, do another round,” he says.

Frykberg also introduces her idea of a “home-invasion WOD” consisting of sit-ups, bag punches, running and sled dragging. For her, the workouts benefit her as a mother and as an officer.

“I’m a female, so I’ll get a little more confrontation usually than a male,” Frykberg says.

“You just gotta be ready for anything,” Lewis concludes.

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Additional reading: CrossFit Training for Law Enforcement: Jacksonville Five Years Later by T.J. Cooper and Phil Canto, published Sept. 1, 2007.

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5 Comments on “Cops and Robbers Class”


wrote …

Burpee-fine-rule needs to be instituted nationwide.


wrote …

Police Officers never know what's going to happen while on shift. Take this interview for example. Did she have a clue she would continually be interrupted during the entire segment?


wrote …

Haha James you're right. We were getting interviewed and I didn't think they would use the footage. I'll try to be more professional next time.


wrote …

I'm assuming Myles has the relationship where he can joke about doing WODs in Victoria Secret underwear with a client, but on tape for everyone to see it looks incredibly unprofessional.


wrote …

I am clearly biased, because I got to hang with Myles all week -

but the guy is a gentle, considerate, hospitable, cordial, helpful CrossFitting MONSTER.

Hayley Parlen made this video and it exemplifies what find I find most attractive about the CrossFit community - casual, fun, friendly, candid, accepting, supportive, educating, entertaining and loving camaraderie.

Myles - it is very clear in the video that you adore your clients, that you are super passionate & giddy about the progress and success of your students. I bet super cop Stephanie appreciated and enjoyed sharing the interview with you.

See you in TAHOE!

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