PRs: Part 1

By Chuck Carswell and Rich Froning Jr.

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November 01, 2010

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Imagine setting five PRs in one day. Now imagine that you had competed in the CrossFit Games just a little over a month before those PRs. Impressive? That’s Rich Froning Jr.

Froning finished second in the 2010 CrossFit Games, narrowly giving up the top spot in the final event. When he was interviewed between Games events, Froning said, “My mind’s always running, thinking, ‘All right, what do I gotta work on? What am I going to do tomorrow?’”

For Froning, his work has paid off. Watch him set new records during a Coaches Prep Course held Aug. 28, 2010. The best part? There’s more in the tank for Part 2.

7min 17sec

Additional reading: CrossFit Radio Episode 129 by Justin Judkins, published July 21, 2010.



6 Comments on “PRs: Part 1”


wrote …

sound is totally off =(


Zach Even - Esh wrote …

Rich, damn dude, DAMN strong bruddah!!!

BIG Chuck lays down the law, I love that! Can't go wrong with great people like Chuck surrounding you and giving you feedback.

Keep kickin ass!!!


PS: Karianne was VERY professional behind the Mic :)


wrote …

Its just not fair...That's really impressive stuff!! 4 PR's that day, so far. always fun to watch the Games level athletes on the site. Nice job Rich, and HQ, keep it coming


wrote …

Awesome work


wrote …

More interviews with Rich wearing no shirt and sweating please.


wrote …

Anyone know what that song is?

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