CrossFit Radio Episode 147

By Justin Judkins

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November 24, 2010

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On Episode 147 of CrossFit Radio, host Justin Judkins interviewed CrossFit Games Masters Division champion Brian Curley. Also featured on the show was former NHL player and CrossFit Indestri owner Scott Thornton. This episode was webcast live at 6 p.m. PDT on Wednesday, Nov. 24, 2010.

4:50 Last summer at the CrossFit Games, Brian Curley proved he’s the fittest man on the planet over the age of 50. He came on the show to talk about what it was like to win the first masters event, and he described what it’s like to work out at CrossFit New England with Ben Bergeron programming his WODs. Curley explained how he maintains his intense training and Paleo eating habits in spite of the busy schedule his career demands, and he talked about the pressures he places on himself and how he’s planning on repeating as masters champion in 2011.

32:07 CrossFit Indestri owner Scott Thornton has many athletic achievements on his resume. Most prominent is an 18-year career as a pro athlete in the National Hockey League. During his long career, Scott encountered CrossFit-type workouts and saw the benefits in his conditioning and performance on the ice. He explained how he eventually found CrossFit and why he relished the rigorous workouts. Scott started his affiliate just a short time ago, and he described how he got things off the ground and why it was so important to him to focus on the right things from the beginning.

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2 Comments on “CrossFit Radio Episode 147”


wrote …

Hi Justin,

Each week I download the next episode of CF radio to my iphone and listen to it as I get the train to work. It is such a valuable resource and you should be commended on your efforts. I was a bit of a late starter top CrossFit, not finding it until I was 34 but have been around sport my whole life. I moved from junior football to senior grade football here in Australia and when injury cut my career short and I left law enforcement I did what most people do, I hit the local gym. I soon got bored with that and was lucky to somehow find CrossFit. Since finding this amazing sport last year I managed to get to a Level 1 Cert and recently did the CrossFit Football Cert here in Australia. This brings me to my point. I cannot recommend the CF Football cert highly enough to anyone looking at using the program to build better power/speed based athletes. John Welbourn, Raphael Ruiz and Ben Oliver from CFFB were amazing. If you haven't already I highly recommend speaking with Raphael Ruiz of 1441 tfr in Florida ( That guy has an abundance of information stored in his head on strength and conditioning and how it applies to sports based programming. If I had even a small amount of the information in his brain it would make me a far better strength and conditioning coach for my football team. Thanks to all the guys at CFFB but more importantly thanks to CrossFit and the community at large because with everyone's input it has made it what we see today.

Once again thanks for your work it is very informative and always look forward to a new episode.

Thanks mate


wrote …

We need more women on your interviews! I had an 8 hour car ride home for Thanksgiving (one way...16 hours total over the last week) and listening to CF-Radio was fantastic; but then I realized that there's waaaay more guys than gals in your interviews. Not that I care too much, but then I started reflecting on the few CrossFit gyms I had been to and that the majority of members are actually women. I listened to maybe 8 podcasts during the time I was driving, so maybe I missed a stretch of shows that had more women interviewees.

Anyway, while I was home over Thanksgiving, I went to CrossFit 785 for the first time in my home town in Manhattan, KS (I am a member as CrossFit Park Hill in Denver) and the coach said he had way more women members because they "talk about their results" and "inspire others to start CrossFit" -- I guess guys are less likely to talk to one another and tell each other they're lookin' good and ask what they've been doing. And I know my gym in Denver is the same way.

Just an idea to incorporate us women grinders in some upcoming interviews. Love the show; keep up the work and thanks for putting in the time/effort to produce great material for members, coaches and gyms to grow from!

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