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November 29, 2010

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Greg Glassman asked the question, “What is fitness?” Blair Morrison offers some of his own thoughts to help you discover what fitness means to you.

What is fitness?

The question is one of the foundations of the CrossFit program, and asking it will make you reconsider just about everything you know about training. In answering it, Greg Glassman created a new way of training and a new way of thinking about health and human performance. He also got people thinking and answering the question for themselves.

In this multi-part series, two-time CrossFit Games competitor Blair Morrison talks about what fitness is to him.

In Part 2, Morrison suggests that character is an ethereal quality present in the best among us, and that choosing to fail regularly in the short term allows you to succeed in the end.

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10 Comments on “Fitness Is … Character and Failure”


wrote …

Excellent article!!


wrote …

thx blair, great article.


wrote …

Right timing with the article man. I'm sharing this with some select people with hopes of encourgement.


wrote …

Another great article, As i tell people that i train: the beauty of crossfit is that failure isn't an option, it's a must.


wrote …

This pumped me up for my training tomorrow, kicking up intensity, and if I have to fail, let's fail greatly!

Awesome stuff as always Blair!


Dominic Munnelly wrote …

Easily one of the best articles i have read in a while. great job blair.


robert day wrote …

really great article. am still learning how not to be be beaten by a workout before i have even done it, just to give it everything and see what happens. will recommend this article to friends starting crossfit, who think they cant do the workouts.


wrote …

great article. such is life!


wrote …

Sorry, I failed to even read the actual article. I'm sure it was really good! Anything with photos of Blair in it and I just get distracted looking at the pretty pictures. :)


Jonathan Bundy wrote …

Great article. I find myself comparing my strength to Orlando and my cardio to Speal. Not smart or helpful.

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